CIECH Group will produce more glassy sodium silicate used, among others, in the tire and cosmetics industries

At the CIECH Vitrosilicon plant, the production capacity of glassy sodium silicate has just been extended by more than 20 percent. Worth PLN 4 million, the project is yet another investment – after the replacement of the furnace in 2016 with one of the most modern furnaces in Europe - by CIECH Group to increase its capacity in this area. As a result of actions taken, CIECH has become one of the largest European producers of sodium silicates. This raw material is mainly used for the production of precipitated silica used in the rapidly growing tire industry, as well as in paper or detergents industries. As part of CIECH Group, glassy sodium silicate is also produced in the Romanian plant of CIECH Soda Romania.

Sodium silicates are one of the most popular inorganic chemicals in the world. They are produced predominantly in China (approx. 40 percent of global production) and Europe (approx. 20 percent). CIECH Vitrosilicon is the largest supplier of this raw material in Europe, delivering sodium silicates to global chemical companies.

Sodium silicates are used for the production of precipitated silica (approx. 40% of consumption in Europe, mainly used in the tire and cosmetics industries), detergents (more than 15%), paper, zeolites and other industries. In developing countries, where applications related to the production of detergents prevail, to a large extent, the total consumption of these silicates depends on the number of inhabitants.

- In the last three years we have increased our silicate production capacity by 140 percent. We see the potential for dynamic development of this business. Silicates are used in the production of precipitated silica, the consumption of which is growing rapidly in Europe, mainly due to the tire and cosmetics industries. Our investments in the area of silicates enabled us to enter new markets and strengthen our position as the largest European supplier of silicates - says Maciej Tybura, President of the Management Board of CIECH S.A.

The forecasts for the global soda silicate market are very promising. According to them , by 2022, the market for sodium silicates will have grown to USD 11 billion from USD 8.9 billion in 2017. At present, CIECH’s annual production of sodium silicates, exported outside Europe, also to North America and Asia, exceeds 180,000 tonnes.

Worth PLN 4 million, the investment in Ilowa increased the production capacity of CIECH Vitrosilicon in this area by over 20%. In 2016, the CIECH Group implemented another investment aimed at increasing the production volume of sodium silicates. Thanks to the replacement of the furnace, the Żary plant features one of the most modern and largest installations in Europe. Following its commissioning, the efficiency of the Żary plant increased twice, while production costs decreased.

In the meantime, a Romanian company of the CIECH Group launched the production of sodium silicates.

- Our advantage is the ability to achieve synergy within our Group - soda and sand are needed for the production of silicates. Within the CIECH Group, we have access to the highest quality soda produced in Poland and Romania. Due to their quality, our silicates are appreciated by the largest chemical companies in the world. We are currently analyzing new investments to increase our production capacity of sodium silicates - says Maciej Tybura.

As part of the Silicates and Glass Segment, CIECH produces sodium and potassium silicates (in solid and liquid form) and glass packaging. As already mentioned, sodium silicates are used in the production of precipitated silica, detergents and paper, while potassium silicates find their application, among others, in the production of construction chemicals and welding.

Mirosław Kuk, Rzecznik Prasowy Grupy CIECH, tel. +48 723 66 86 86.

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