Rebranding of CIECH's soda products. New brands set apart the portfolio of specialist products manufactured by the Group

The CIECH Group is introducing new brands for its soda products. They are to reflect rising standards in customer service, logistics and production processes, introduced in the last quarters. The new branding is also to differentiate the specialist product portfolio of the Group in the soda segment, including the pharmaceutical, feed or food grade soda.

The CIECH Group is the second-largest European provider of soda ash when it comes to manufacturing capacity, with plants located in three countries: Poland, Romania, and Germany. Besides dense and light soda ash, used in glass and detergent production respectively, CIECH manufactures sodium bicarbonate, which finds wide application in the industry. The soda segment, encompassing salt manufacture as well, accounts for ca. 70% of the Group's revenue.

The activity of the CIECH Group is of a global nature, with 50% of the sales revenues being derived from products sold outside the countries where CIECH produces. It is present on 100 global markets. This is the reason why soda products have received new, English names:

  • Dense soda ash shall be available under the brand name "SODAASH DENSE";
  • Light soda ash shall be available under the brand name "SODAASH LIGHT";
  • Food grade soda shall be available under the brand name "SOBIC FOOD";
  • Feed soda shall be available under the brand name "SOBIC FEED";
  • Pharmaceutical soda shall be available under the brand name "SOBIC HEALTH CARE";
  • Industrial grade soda shall be available under the brand name "SOBIC TEC".

The CIECH Group is undergoing intensive changes, not only in respect of manufacture efficiency or cost optimisation, but also when it comes to business philosophy. What it means is that we are now moving from a production-focused company towards a client-focused multinational chemical corporation. This is underpinned notably by the increasingly efficient and productive sales, as well as marketing activities. We have decided to introduce such brands in the soda segment which would systematise our range of products, but at the same time demonstrate the wide possibilities of practical application of soda, as well as our path towards greater specialisation. It is our objective to provide our customers with high end sodium bicarbonate for use in pharmaceutical, feed or food industries among others, says Artur Osuchowski, Member of the Management Board of CIECH SA.

From the customer's perspective, however, it is worth remembering that the product on offer is not limited to soda. It also entails the packaging, delivery mode, operational cooperation, or delivery scheduling. The last months saw several improvements being introduced in the sales area. We continue to set high standards for ourselves and the entire industry in respect of comprehensive customer service, as well as soda sales and transport. This is why we wish to stress these positive changes by rebranding our products, says Hubert Kamola, Head of Sales Division of the CIECH Group.

The focus on manufacturing and sales of sodium bicarbonate stems from market analyses conducted by the CIECH Group as a part of its long-term strategy implementation. The demand is expected to grow for sodium bicarbonate in the form of pharmaceutical grade soda (ingredient used in the manufacture of medicines), feed grade soda, or industrial grade soda (additive for washing detergents, oil production or paper manufacture). CIECH is therefore closely monitoring all the market trends related to these products (including population growth, increasing demand for food, or rising life expectancy – all at a global level) and aims to provide for the customers' needs, encompassing those into its range of products.

The new brands of the Group's soda products set them apart from the competition due to an attractive, simple, and modern visual identity, intuitive names as well as brand logotypes. Refreshed soda brands are also to harmonise the brand architecture and to continue the construction of an integral identity of the entire soda segment.

Mirosław Kuk, CIECH Group Spokesman –, tel. +48 723 66 86 86.

CIECH is an international, professionally-managed group with Polish roots, with a well-established position of a leader of the chemical sector in Central and Eastern Europe. It manufactures products which are used in the production of articles necessary in everyday life of people all over the world - state-of-the-art products of the highest, world quality. Taking advantage of the support of a reliable strategic investor, it implements the strategy of global development, extending its sales in world markets. At the same time, it combines the modern approach to business with production tradition which goes back to 1882. More info at

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