The CIECH Group is launching a new production line for specialised sodium bicarbonate in Germany, used, among others, in dialysis.

The new line for the production of sodium bicarbonate does not only increase the production capacity of the factory located in Stassfurt by more than 80 percent (50,000 tonnes per year), but it will also contribute to the expansion of the Group’s product portfolio by the most advanced and specialised variation of soda, used in the pharmaceutical industry and the treatment of kidney diseases. This is a very prospective market with above-average annual growth dynamics. Thanks to the completed investment worth over PLN 100 million, the CIECH Group will produce, jointly in its plants in Poland and Germany, approx. 200,000 tonnes of sodium bicarbonate a year.

The investment was carried out in 2017-2019 and consisted of the construction of an entirely new line - soda centrifugation, drying, sifting and decarbonisation nodes. In addition to new installations, new warehouses were also created which meet the high quality standards required to store the highest-quality soda. The production of sodium bicarbonate for the needs of the pharmaceutical and medical markets requires adaptation of the logistic solutions - these are the competences which the CIECH Group has been developing intensively recently, thus building one of its essential competitive advantages in the European market.

Our strategy for 2019-2021 assumes an increase in the share of specialised products in the CIECH’s offer. Therefore, this investment is an important element of the future of the CIECH Group. We have prepared it perfectly, both in terms of market recognition, dialogue with our clients, as well as the selection of technologies and high quality construction and installation works. Thanks to the investment in the new sodium bicarbonate production line, we have not only increased the production capacity in this area by approx. 30%, thus strengthening the CIECH’s position in the European sodium bicarbonate market, but we can now enter a market that is more rigorous in terms of quality requirements, but one which is also very lucrative, namely the soda market for pharmaceutical applications”, says Dawid Jakubowicz, the President of the Management Board of CIECH S.A.

Sodium bicarbonate, which will be offered to clients from the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, is characterised by the highest degree of purity and strictly defined granulation parameters. This product’s physical and chemical properties are regulated by strict quality restrictions and are verified by pharmaceutical companies during periodic audits of production plants. The manufacture of dialysis soda requires, among other things, a special GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practices”) certificate, which both the German and Polish soda plants of CIECH Group possess.

Market specialists believe that an above-average growth dynamic (approx. 7% on average year-to-year) can be expected on the pharma applications market in the coming years due to the greater accessibility of haemodialysis treatments for chronic kidney diseases, improvements in healthcare, as well as more significant healthcare-related expenditures in developing countries.

As part of the investment, production capacities of pharmaceutical-grade sodium bicarbonate will also be increased. This product has broad applications thanks to its acid-neutralising properties, ability to bind other substances and purifying qualities. It is used in areas like the manufacture of various types of effervescent tablets and as an ingredient in medications and dietary supplements. It also sees use in the production of toothpaste and as a component of certain wellness products.

The new CIECH investment is also an increase in the offer of sodium bicarbonate used in the feed and food industry - the segments which are the largest consumers of this product. Other applications of sodium bicarbonate include flue gas desulfurization, as well as the production of cosmetics and detergents.


CIECH is an international chemical group with a strong position on European and global markets, supported by a reliable longterm strategic investor (Kulczyk Investments). The company exports its products to more than 100 countries around the world, offering soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, salt, plant protection products, epoxy and polyester resins, polyurethane foams, silicates and glass packaging. The company has eight production plants in three European countries - Poland, Germany and Romania. Since 2005, the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and, since 2016, on one of the largest stock exchanges in Europe - Börse Frankfurt. For more information, please visit

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