New version of Anti-Ice — the icing and snow protection product from the CIECH Group range.

What is Anti-Ice?

Anti-Ice is a mixture of sodium chloride and calcium chloride in a ratio that ensures the required effect. The product composition is very effective, ensuring efficient removal of ice and snow in winter.

How does the product work?

After being scattered on the iced surface, the process of moisture absorption begins. This process is accompanied by heat emission, which causes the ice and snow to melt rapidly. After the product has been applied, the surface becomes wet, but not slippery, a result that lasts for 1-2 days after the application.

Why use Anti-Ice?

The most important, distinctive qualities of the product are that it: 

  • does not form slush, 
  • does not clog drainage systems, unlike sand, 
  • does not leave white marks on footwear, unlike salt,
  • ensures fourfold quicker and longer effects than the same quantity of road salt.

Where to use the product?

Anti-Ice is perfect for eliminating ice and snow from:

  • pavements
  • car parks
  • driveways
  • domestic premises
  • industrial ramps
  • roads
  • squares
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