CIECH Trading sells Iranian polyolefins in Poland and Europe

CIECH Trading, a major distributor of raw materials and chemical products in Poland, and a member company of the CIECH Group, has established highly prospective trade relations in the Middle East – including with companies from Iran. This is an entirely new direction of development for the company. As a result the CIECH Group will become an active importer and distributor of goods from this part of the world, including polyolefins, mainly polyethylene and polypropylene. Up till now such trade relations in the raw materials segment were the domain of major state-owned companies. CIECH is the first private Polish company in the chemical industry to establish cooperation with Iran on such a major scale.

Talks with potential business partners were initiated by CIECH Trading a year ago.This is a result of the strategy of diversifying the activities of the CIECH Group, which is constantly seeking new markets and potential for development. The newly established trading relations mean an extension of the product portfolio. CIECH Trading, based on a long-term cooperation agreement with reliable suppliers from Iran like: Jam Petrochemical Company (JPC), Jam Polypropylene Company (JPPC) and Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry Commercial Company (PGPICC) conducts trading in polyolefins. These plastics are mainly characterised by good chemical resistance, low absorption and good electrical insulation properties. The most popular polyolefins are polyethylene and polypropylene (created in the process of polymerising ethylene and propylene). They have a wide range of applications in the packaging, construction, automotive and electronic industries.

"Our strategy assumes turning the CIECH Group into a global chemical concern. Within the Group structure, the role of CIECH Trading is very important as a distributor of chemical products. The new trading relations established in the Middle East translate into an extension of the product range of CIECH Trading, which is becoming a major player on the polymer distribution market. We offer high quality products, with good service and support from the CIECH Group. We want the distribution of high quality plastics on the European market to be one of the hallmarks of CIECH Trading," said Artur Osuchowski, Member of the Management Board of CIECH S.A.

The product range of CIECH Trading is based on high quality plastics (produced on the basis of a licence by a global leader in the plastics market – Lyondell Basell), which can meet the expectations of even the most demanding processors.

"We offer plastics of very high quality and with a wide range of applications. In Poland the potential of the market for plastics is growing steadily, which is why the product range of CIECH Trading covers almost 200 different kinds of plastics, finding applications not only in the packaging industry, but also the automotive, agricultural, and construction industries, as well as in the production of electronics," said Tomasz Grzela, President of the Management Board of CIECH Trading.

"We have very good testimonials from the clients in Europe who have purchased the polyolefins we sourced from Iran. The buyers emphasised the high quality of the products and the ease of their application in processing. Our aim is to continue to extend our area of activity, in order to gain the position of leading importer and distributor of plastics in our part of Europe. We are prepared, both in terms of logistics and products, to meet the demands of polyolefin consumers in Poland and Europe,"
added Urszula Roś, Director of Sales at CIECH Trading.

Apart from the broad range of products, CIECH Trading also offers additional services to its clients to improve their business effectiveness, such as access to an extensive network of warehouses, which guarantees the continuity and stability of deliveries, a qualified team of product advisers nationwide in Poland and attractive financing terms.

Apart from distribution agreements on the sales of polymers, CIECH Trading has agreements with other strategic partners, such as Egyptian Petrochemicals Co., Formosa (USA) and Axciall Co. (USA) on the sale of suspension PVC. This type of product is mainly dedicated to manufacturers of pipes, window profiles and films.

CIECH Trading also offers solid and liquid, organic and inorganic chemicals, acids, bases and solvents.

Contact person:
Mirosław Kuk, Spokesperson of the CIECH Group, tel. +48 723 66 86 86.

CIECH is an international, professionally managed group with Polish roots, with a well-grounded position as a leader in the chemical industry in Central and Eastern Europe. It manufactures products used to create articles necessary in everyday life of people all over the world – of the best, modern international quality. By taking advantage of the support of a reliable strategic investor (Kulczyk Investments) it is implementing a strategy of global development, extending sales in global markets. At the same time it combines a modern approach to business with the tradition of production dating back to 1882. More information is available at

CIECH Trading was established in 1987 and is currently the largest Polish distributor of raw materials, chemical products and reagents. It is also authorised to distribute soda ash (light and heavy sodium carbonate), sodium bicarbonate (sodium hydrogencarbonate), evaporated and tablet salt, as well as calcium chloride. Apart from soda products it also offers solid and liquid, organic and inorganic chemicals, acids, bases and solvents. The company acts on a global scale.

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