What distinguishes the CIECH Group

More than 70 years of experience

Seldom a company in Poland can boast an equally long and rich tradition. The history of the CIECH Group dates back to the outset of the "Centrala Importowo-Eksportowa Chemikalii i Aparatury Chemicznej" (Import-Export Centre for Chemicals and Chemical Instruments) established in 1945.                    

Leader on the chemical market in Europe

High investment level, efficient manufacturing processes and a team of the most highly qualified specialists. Year after year these assets allow the company to maintain its position among the largest chemical companies in Europe.                             

Trading network of more than 80 countries

The products manufactured by the CIECH Group find wide application in the industry all over the world. Export is an essential part of the global operations of the company.                             

8 manufacturing plants in 3 countries

The global ambitions of the CIECH Group are strictly connected to the increase of manufacturing capacities. To build its competitive advantage, the company became the owner of chemical plants in Poland, Germany and Romania.                             

The company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

CIECH Group belongs to the 60 largest listed companies in Poland. The company made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 10 February 2005.                                      

Why apply


The development of employee competencies through systematic training in both specialised knowledge and social skills.

Global know-how

Access to knowledge and experience acquired during almost 70 years of company operation on national and foreign markets.

Experienced team

The opportunity to learn from some of the best specialists in the chemical industry.

Development opportunities

The extensive organisational structure offers attractive career paths based on employee competencies.

Our standards

We promote the principles of friendly recruitment in the Group. We belong to the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment. Our efforts have once again been recognised, at the Most Attractive Employers 2015 by Universum.

Recruitment process

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