Meetings with selected applicants

A representative of the Human Resources Department and your future superior will discuss your professional qualifications, experience and motivation for work with you, as well as also examining your soft skills. You can expect that during the interview your professional experience and subject-matter knowledge will be subject to in-depth analysis.

We will verify your language knowledge during the interview as well.

We also scrutinise the competences necessary to perform the required tasks for the positions through various practical examinations, tests and simulations.

Most importantly… there must be some chemistry!

We always provide feedback to candidates we have contacted directly. 

We comply with the rules of trade secret protection in every case. This applies in particular to the companies indicated by candidates as their places of employment.

Further information on the companies forming the CIECH Group, their profiles and scope of production is available on our website.

*We expect each candidate applying for a job at CIECH Sarzyna S.A. / CIECH R&D Sp. z o.o. ("Company") to treat the recruitment process conducted in the Company confidential, as such processes must always be. Moreover, we expect that each candidate should keep the secrets of other companies or entities with whom he or she cooperated or cooperates now.


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