ul. Fabryczna 4
88-101 Inowrocław

tel. (+48 52) 354 14 74
fax (+48 52) 353 71 04

Management Board and Supervisory Board

  • Andrzej Pawłowski

    President of the Management Board

  • Maciej Kempski

    Member of the Management Board


Railway transportation

The company provides railway transportation services based on its own stock and licenses — renting of wagons, leasing of tanks and railway cargo transportation.

Rolling stock available


  • Fablok SM42
  • CKD T448
  • CKD T669
  • Skoda 31E1
  • Skoda 43E1


  • Tank 408S
  • Tank 206S
  • Tank 206Se
  • Tank 206Sf
  • Covered 401Ka
  • Self-dumping 204V
  • Self-dumping 411V
  • Self-dumping 426V


Road transportation

CIECH Cargo provides its customers with a high end fleet of vehicles whose suitable technical condition is guaranteed by a specialised workshop and garage facility employing only experienced staff.

Transportation services available

  • Whole-vehicle transportation
  • Technological production security
  • Self-dumping and box-type trailer transportation
  • Direct deliveries to production lines

Vehicle fleets available

  • Self-dumping lorry — Renault Premium 320
  • Lorry — Renault Premium C420
  • Trailer SCHMITZ
  • Passenger car TEPEE



Wagon repairs

CIECH Cargo has its own Wagon Repair Workshops employing only experienced technicians. The company operates as authorised by the Centralne Biuro Konstrukcyjne (Centre Construction Office) in Poznań.

Maintenance services available

  • Control repairs
  • Current repairs

The scope of repairs for wagon types 206S, 206Se, 206Sf, 408S, 401Ka, 434R, 408R, 401Ka, 204V, 411V, 426V conforms with the Maintenance System Technical Documentation.

Siding operation and maintenance

Long-standing experience, as well as supervisory building qualifications and professional training of the manoeuvring and traction teams guarantee the safety and agility of siding operations at Inowrocław and Janikowo plants.

Range of services

  • Manoeuvring operations using SM42 and T488p engines belonging to the company
  • Preparation and formation of trains
  • Unloading of fine coal for the plant in Janikowo
  • Servicing loading and unloading stations
  • Maintenance and conservation of railway tracks and railway infrastructure at sidings


Heavy equipment services

The company services storage yards and loading and unloading stations, using specialised heavy equipment. High operating efficiency is ensured by suitably trained staff with long-standing experience.

Services available

  • Operation of fine coal storage areas
  • Operation of limestone storage areas
  • Round-the-clock operation of loading and unloading stations
  • Additional services at the ordering party's request

Heavy equipment available

  • Tracked dozers — Stalowa Wola TD 15E, Komatsu D12X
  • Wheel dozers — Kamatsu WA3803H, Stalowa Wola L34
  • Locomotive cranes — Kirow KDE253 KDE161
  • Fine coal unloaders — WW100, MW100
  • Forklifts and battery trucks — Mitsubishi FG25, WNA132





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