CIECH Pianki

CIECH Pianki produces and sells PUR polyurethane foams. It is one of the largest Polish manufacturers of this type of foam, supplying the domestic furniture industry.

This Bydgoszcz based company focuses its operations mainly on the Central and Eastern European markets.

The production plant manufactures and sells the highest quality polyurethane foams. Since 2020, CIECH Pianki has been producing the highest-class certified and attested FFP2 and FFP3 protective masks. The CIECH factory in Bydgoszcz is capable of producing approx. 10 million masks per year and the masks are made of raw materials obtained primarily from Polish producers.


CIECH Pianki Sp. z o.o.

ul. Hutnicza 123
85-873 Bydgoszcz, Poland

tel. +48 (52) 377 55 41
(+48) 669 697 182
fax (+48 52) 361 23 02

Management Board and Supervisory Board

  • Michał Budzyński

    President of the Management Board


Available forms of foams

  • Blocks
  • Cut blocks
  • Standard plates
  • Cut to measure plates
  • Knurled plates
  • Baling foam
  • Foam shapes (according to individual customer designs)
For transportation purposes, plate rolling is possible. However, this may affect product dimensions and physical and mechanical parameters. It is not recommended to roll plates below the density of 25 kg/m3.


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