CIECH Sarzyna – new products and expansion into a new segment of insecticides. CIECH's Agro business defends its position in the segment of cereal and corn herbicides

CIECH Sarzyna, the largest producer of plant protection products in Poland, is introducing three products to new market segments. One of these products, Leptosar 200 SL, is now available in the insecticide market – a new market segment for the company. In the first half of 2023, CIECH's Agro business defends its position in the segment of cereals and corn herbicides. Additionally, CIECH Sarzyna continues the Halvetic Tour series of events, during which farmers receive detailed information about the functionality of an innovative herbicide based on the patented BGT (Better Glyphosate Technology) method. 


CIECH Sarzyna is currently implementing the largest investment plan in the company's history for new products. An important element of CIECH Sarzyna's consistent development of its offering is providing customers with comprehensive crop protection programs for key crops. The three new CIECH Sarzyna’s products mark another new chapter in the production of plant protection products by the chemical company based in Podkarpackie Province, Poland.


Debuts at CIECH Sarzyna 

Through the launch of Leptosar 200 SL, CIECH’s Agro business enters a completely new market of insecticides. The solution is registered for over 40 agricultural crops, including small-area crops. It combats pests in various developmental stages and offers the possibility of application during different phases of plantation growth, reliably protecting plantations during the vegetative period. Moreover, Tokama and Zarolis – complex, comprehensive fungicides – also make their debut on the market. Tokama is a universal fungicide suitable for application in all winter and spring cereals. On the other hand, Zarolis is used to protect rapeseed against fungal diseases. All three products are effective, reliable, and complete – they do not require the use of other additional products, and their performance is confirmed by years of agricultural experience. Similar characteristics are exhibited by other well-known products of CIECH Sarzyna, which are maintaining their market position.


Defending its position in key segments

According to PAMS company’s data, the value of the Polish market of plant protection products currently amounts to 2.7 billion PLN (compared to 2.9 billion PLN last year, indicating a decrease of 7.6% ). Globally, companies within Agro industry are still under significant pressure of weakening demand. Nevertheless, in recent months, CIECH Sarzyna's products have been maintaining their position in the segment of spring herbicides for broadleaf cereals, with the Chwastox product family as its flagship. Similarly, the corn herbicides segment maintains its position, with the Tezosar Extra Box solution at the forefront.


"CIECH Sarzyna defends its position in the category of cereal and corn herbicides, continues product development and actively enters the insecticides segment. Market conditions remain challenging, but the results of well-established products and the emergence of new markets for the innovative product Halvetic demonstrate that consistency in executing the largest investment plan for new products in the company's history brings the intended effects," says Wojciech Babski, President of the Management Board of CIECH Sarzyna and Head of Agro Business in the CIECH Group.


Halvetic on tour

CIECH Sarzyna also continues the campaign to spread knowledge about Halvetic among farmers who are interested in learning about the benefits of this innovative plant protection solution. The company from Podkarpackie Province organizes a nationwide series of over thirty field events under the name Halvetic Tour. The central theme of its autumn edition will be the application of this groundbreaking product in  stubble fields. The upcoming meetings will take place in various regions, including Łódzkie, Wielkopolskie, Dolnośląskie and Lubuskie voivodship. These events are dedicated to farm owners and agricultural advisors. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with experts who will provide detailed information about the workings of the Halvetic product and its application methods. The Halvetic Tour is also an opportunity to exchange experiences and gain knowledge about the latest trends and technologies used in agriculture.



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CIECH Sarzyna is one of the key companies within the CIECH Group and a cornerstone of its AGRO business. It specializes in the production of plant protection products and is the largest Polish producer as well as a leader in the sales of herbicides (weed control agents). The company's competitive advantage includes, among other things, having one of the most advanced MCPA production installations in the world – an effective and safe weed control agent, as well as 60 years of experience in producing plant protection products. Some of the most well-known trademarks of the company include: CHWASTOX®, HALVETIC®, AGROSAR® 360 SL, AZOKSAR® SUPER 250 SC, DOVVO® 375 SC, LABRADOR® EXTRA 50 EC, NIKOSAR® 060 OD, TARCZA® ŁAN EXTRA 250 EW, and WINDSAR 250 EC. Apart from key European countries, the company also serves markets in North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Its products are distributed to over 50 countries worldwide.


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CIECH is an international developing chemical group with a strong position on global markets. It is the second largest manufacturer of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate in the European Union, the largest manufacturer of evaporated salt in Poland, the largest supplier of sodium silicates in Europe, the largest Polish manufacturer of plant protection products, and a leading producer of polyurethane foams in Poland. Its factories are located in Poland, Germany and Romania, and it employs over 3,000 people throughout the EU. 


Since 2005, CIECH S.A. has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and since 2016, simultaneously, on one of the largest stock exchanges in Europe - Börse Frankfurt. The development of the Group is supported by its strategic investor – Kulczyk Investments.


As one of the largest Polish exporters, CIECH ships its goods to almost each continent. They are used to manufacture products necessary in the everyday life of millions of people around the world. That is why the Group is a crucial element of numerous sectors of the economy – construction, automotive, agriculture, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


CIECH combines a modern business approach and care for sustainable development. Since 2020, it has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact - the world's largest initiative that brings together socially, environmentally and economically responsible businesses.


Since 2021, CIECH has been consistently implementing its ESG Strategy, which includes eight commitments in the field of climate policy, social relations and corporate governance.


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CIECH Sarzyna is one of the key companies of the CIECH Group, and together with Proplan, it represents the AGRO business unit of the CIECH Group. It specialises in the production of plant protection products (PPP) and is the largest Polish manufacturer of PPPs and a sales leader on the herbicides market. The company, in addition to key European countries, also supports markets in North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Its products reach over 50 countries around the globe.

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