CIECH new corporate film – “The Future is with Us”

This film presents the CIECH Group from the angle of its business operations, while at the same time showing that the Group's key products, including soda, salt, glass, plant protection chemicals, resins and polyurethane foam, are all elements of our daily life. The film also aims to show the current position of CIECH as a global chemical company, a dynamically growing organisation that is optimistic about the future.

“The new corporate film about the CIECH Group fits in with the positive changes taking place in our organisation. It underlines what kind of company we are consistently building, one that is modern, innovative and competitive, yet at the same time open to dialogue and communicating with its environment. One that is created by people and for people”, says Eryka Gizińska, head of the Marketing and Communication Department at CIECH SA.

“During the production of the film our primary focus was on atmosphere and emotion. We have shown that, contrary to what it may seem, a story about a large company can have the character of subtle narrative, concentrating on people and their feelings”, adds Grzegorz Warszawski, the film's director.

The film has been produced by the Black Rabbit International agency, a winner of many trade awards.

The production may be watched on the Group’s website:

or on YouTube:

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