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CIECH Group is expanding its AGRO business with specialised fertilisers - SARPLON

CIECH Group, today, the largest Polish producer of plant protection products, has expanded its offer in the AGRO segment with a new category - professional specialised fertilisers. The company launched this category with the SARPLON(r) product line, intended for farmers seeking to intensify their production with the help of advanced production technologies. Professional foliar fertilisers are a promising and rapidly growing market, the value of which in Poland is estimated at more than PLN 300 M today. Foliar fertilisation is used, among others, in the cultivation of cereals, rape and maize. This method is applied to supplement nutrients that affect the quality and size of the yield. As a result of farmers’ growing confidence in the foliar fertilisers and, thus, increase in the land fertilised with such products, this market in Poland has grown by nearly 60% over the past six years.

Entering into this new and fast-growing market is yet another element of implementation of the CIECH Group's strategy, the objectives of which involve, among others, product diversification within its operational segments and expansion of its product portfolio by introducing specialised and high-margin products. - We have consistently applied internal diversification of our strategic business segments for a long time, by expanding our product portfolio with high-margin specialised products. When making investment decisions, we carefully analyse global megatrends - demographic, social and/or regulatory. Global population growth and unfavourable climatic conditions have prompted farmers to take action and intervene in the area of plant feeding, in order to maximise crop yields per 1 hectare. Our wish is to meet their needs by offering not only proven plant protection products, but also high quality specialised fertilisers. Accordingly, our offer for farmers is becoming more and more comprehensive - says Artur Osuchowski, Member of the Management Board of CIECH S.A.

CIECH Sarzyna is consistently developing its AGRO business by expanding its product portfolio, with responsibility in this regard borne by the Research and Development Centre of CIECH S.A., as well as developing new distribution channels, strengthening sales forces and intensifying marketing activities. By expanding its offer for agriculture with professional fertilisers, the Company intends to strengthen its market position and its image of a comprehensive manufacturer of AGRO products.

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