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CIECH Group: one of the largest high-storage warehouses in the region is already operating in Janikowo

Automatic satellite trolleys, shelves with a height of a six-storey building and the storing capacity of 13,000 tons of salt products - one of the most modern, largest and most automated high-storage warehouses in Kujawy region of Poland is already operating in Janikowo. This is where salt products of the CIECH Group are stored – including, among others, food grade salt, industrial salt, fodder salt and salt tablets. The purpose of the investment, the total value of which amounted to PLN 18 M, was to improve the flow of deliveries and customer support, and to enable the CIECH's plant in Janikowo to gradually expand the range of its salt products.

The new warehouse increased the storage area of salt products in Janikowo three times. Currently, the shelves supported by the so-called satellite trolleys are able to store as many as 13,000 pallets (one pallet is approx. 1000 kg of salt products). Each palette has a unique number that allows for its accurate location and movement control. Good work organisation, in conjunction with the warehouse automation, makes it possible to load a TIR semi-trailer within 20-30 minutes. Thanks to this, over 100 loaded trucks, supported in 6 docks, may leave the warehouse every day.

- The evaporated salt plant in Janikowo has changed dramatically over the last three years: its production capacity increased by 70 percent, a new salt product packaging plant was established, as well as production lines - including a production line for salt tablets for water treatment - and a new high-storage warehouse. But this is not the end of such changes - the investment for salt licks and salt granules is currently underway. In recent years, we have invested a total of more than PLN 100M in the production of salt in Janikowo - says Damian Kowenicki, head of salt business at the CIECH Group.

This investment is an important element of strengthening the good position of the CIECH Group on the European salt market. Salt products are one of the main product groups in the CIECH Group's offer. Today, CIECH is already the largest evaporated salt producer in Poland and a leading supplier of salt tablets for water treatment in Europe. In 2018, the salt offer of the Group will be extended by salt licks for farm animals and salt granules. The investment, the value of which is more than PLN 30 M will be completed this summer holiday. However, this is not the end of the company's ambitious plans in the salt business - in 2020, a new salt work plant will be built in Germany, thanks to which the CIECH Group will become the third largest evaporated salt producer in Europe.

- The new warehouse has three times more storage capacity for finished products, twice as fast loading time and the possibility of further expansion and automation in the future. The facility and the method of work organisation will clearly improve our cost effectiveness, ensure product safety and reduce the time of performing internal storage operations. In addition, the loading time of finished vehicles will be significantly reduced, which, as a result, will allow for efficient delivery to the customer - says Hubert Frasunkiewicz, Director of the Supply Chain Management Division in the CIECH Group.

The Janikowo Plant, which produces more than 1500 tons of salt daily in the 24/7 system, belongs to the CIECH Soda Polska company, one of the largest and most important enterprises in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province. The company engages over 1,000 employees and cooperates with around 230 different local companies (directly affecting their financial condition), thus having material importance for the local economy.

The company's salt products include the popular Kujawska Salt, which is available from many store chains in Poland. Salt products from Janikowo will also find their way to Western and Central Europe, and Scandinavian countries. The plant has a number of certificates confirming the highest quality of production, including FSCC 22000, certifying the safety of food grade salt production and GMP + for feed salt.

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