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CIECH has registered a breakthrough glyphosate formulation technology

CIECH Sarzyna, the largest Polish manufacturer of crop protection products, has registered an innovative and patent-protected BGT technology (“Better Glyphosate Technology”), which makes it possible to maintain the current effectiveness of glyphosate-based products, while reducing the dose of active substance per hectare by half, compared to the existing standards. This new technology is not only the basis for an innovative and effective product for farmers, but also CIECH's response to the challenges related to the implementation of the European Green Deal. It combines concern for the natural environment with the needs of modern and sustainable agriculture, which, given the growing number of people in the world, cannot resign from effective means of production, including glyphosate – the most commonly used active substance in plant protection globally.


By reducing the glyphosate dose by half, while maintaining the same effectiveness of the product, BGT means a groundbreaking progress in sustainable agricultural development and reducing of the impact of crop protection products on the environment. CIECH is the first company to apply the technology on an industrial scale and introduce it to the global market. At the same time, it is the first innovation in glyphosate formulation of such great importance in 45 years.


The technology has been registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Authorisation No. R-2/2021 of 09 Feb. 2021), and in the spring, the company will launch a product based on it on the Polish market, to finally make its debut, also in 2021, in other European countries. The company’s ultimate intention is to introduce the BGT technology in all major markets where glyphosate is used.


- Commercialisation of the BGT technology is an important element in the development of our Agro business and the diversification of the Group's revenues, fitting perfectly into the implementation of the CIECH business strategy for 2019-2021. This technology is a response to the challenges of modern agriculture, which, on the one hand, must be increasingly efficient, which means the need to effectively protect crops, and, on the other hand, has to meet the expectations of regulators and consumers related to limiting the use of active substances - says Dawid Jakubowicz, President of the Management Board of CIECH S.A.


The BGT technology is an innovative combination of adjuvants (excipients) and other additives, ensuring full glyphosate functionality in a single product. The unique combination of all key ingredients facilitates the preparation of the spray liquid and contributes to increasing its amount retained on the plant surface, thus creating favourable conditions for the penetration of the active substance and its transport to the location of action. As a result, this breakthrough solution allows for a significant reduction in glyphosate dose per hectare by up to 50% compared to any competitive products, without sacrificing its proven effectiveness. The product also contains already built-in wetting agents and ammonium sulphate, generally added by users separately, which facilitates its use. The effectiveness of the BGT technology has been confirmed by numerous studies carried out both in Polish and European as well as global conditions.


- We want the product based on this breakthrough technology to become yet another flagship brand of CIECH Sarzyna - just like Chwastox. The BGT is a technology with huge commercial potential. I am very glad that CIECH Sarzyna is the first company in the world to introduce it from scratch to completion - from the stage of field tests, registration and launch of production on an industrial scale, to developing a marketing and sales strategy – adds Wojciech Babski, President of the Management Board of CIECH Sarzyna and the Head of the Agro business within the CIECH Group.


The new glyphosate formulation technology is in line with the proposed assumptions of the European Commission's programme, “From Farm to Fork”, which assumes, among others, the obligation to reduce the consumption of active substances in the European Union by 2030. Accordingly, the solution proposed by the CIECH Group may be the best possible compromise between the needs of modern agriculture and the pro-ecological attitudes to the implementation of the European Green Deal.


Glyphosate is the most widely used active substance, applied in plant protection worldwide. Herbicides based on this active ingredient are among the most thoroughly tested plant protection products in the world, approved for use by regulatory agencies in over 160 countries. The safety of their use has been acknowledged by more than 800 scientific studies. Such a position was also taken by the key global institutions dealing with the use of this type of substances in the production of food intended for humans. Predominantly, a positive opinion in this regard was issued by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).



Mirosław Kuk, Rzecznik Prasowy Grupy CIECH, tel. +48 723 66 86 86



CIECH is an international, expanding chemical group, with a strong standing on European and global markets and with a stable strategic investor (Kulczyk Investments). The company exports its products to over 100 countries around the world, including soda ash, purified soda, salt, plant protection agents, epoxy and polyester resins, polyurethane foams, silicates, and glass packaging. CIECH manufactures products of the highest, world-class quality, which are further used to produce articles which are essential in the everyday life of people all over the world. At the same time, it combines a modern approach to business with the tradition of production which dates back to 1882. Since 2005, the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and, since 2016, on one of the largest stock exchanges in Europe: Börse Frankfurt.

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CIECH Sarzyna jest jedną z kluczowych spółek Grupy CIECH i filarem jej segmentu organicznego. Specjalizuje się w produkcji środków ochrony roślin (AGRO) i jest ich największym polskim producentem oraz liderem sprzedaży na rynku herbicydów (środków chwastobójczych). Przewagą konkurencyjną Spółki jest jedna z najnowocześniejszych na świecie instalacji do produkcji MCPA – skutecznego i bezpiecznego środka chwastobójczego, a także 60 lat doświadczenia w produkcji środków ochrony roślin. Do najbardziej znanych znaków handlowych Spółki należą marki: CHWASTOX®, AGROSAR® 360 SL, AZOKSAR® 250 SC, ASKALON® 125 SC, AKAPIT® 125 EC, FENUXAR® 069 EW, LABRADOR® EXTRA 50 EC, NIKOSAR® 060 OD, PROKARB® 450 EC, TARCZA® ŁAN EXTRA 250 EW oraz WINDSAR 250 EC. Firma, poza kluczowymi krajami europejskimi, obsługuje także rynki w Ameryce Północnej i Południowej, Azji, Afryce i Australii. Jej produkty trafiają do ponad 40 krajów całego świata.

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