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CIECH in the second round of the Issuer’s Golden Website [Złota Strona Emitenta] Competition

The Polish Association of Listed Companies [Stowarzyszenie Emitentów Giełdowych] has qualified CIECH S.A. to the second round of the Issuer’s Golden Website Competition in which the websites of listed companies are evaluated. The portal has been nominated for the “Best IR Service” award in the “Large Companies” category. In the second round, the best three sites in each category will be selected. The competition jury consists of specialists in such areas as graphics, journalism, technology, economics and investor relations. This round will last until 26 April 2019.

Competitions such as the Issuer’s Golden Website are a much needed event in the Polish capital market, because they motivate companies to improve their websites and positively influence the quality of communication of companies with their investors and analysts. We treat our qualification to the next round of the competition as great distinction and a stimulus for further hard work on the CIECH’s investor relations service”, says Małgorzata Młynarska, Management Board Representative for Investor Relations.

The first round of the Issuer’s Golden Website Competition, organized by the Polish Association of Listed Companies, ended on 11 February this year. 166 websites of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, including the NewConnect market, were evaluated. The companies are evaluated in six categories.

The second round of the competition will last until 26 April 2018, and the third round will end on 5 June 2019.

In the last year’s edition of the Issuer’s Golden Website Competition, CIECH S.A. qualified for the top finale. In this way, once again, it was recognized as one of three companies with the highest level of investor e-relations among the largest Polish listed companies from WIG20 and mWIG40 indexes.

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