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CIECH launches a crowdsourcing project for engineers, scientists and institutions worldwide

CIECH Group, one of the largest chemical companies in CEE, launched its first crowdsourcing programme. Its purpose is to use the creativity of a wide range of scientists, engineers, institutions or enthusiasts, and working out effective solutions for two challenges in the area of circular economy. The first challenge is how to develop a product from post-soda lime, and the second one – to tackle heat recovery in the soda process. Innovative ideas and solutions to these tasks can be submitted through the global platform, and the winners will receive big prizes - EUR 12,000 for each challenge. CIECH Group will be waiting for solution proposals until August 12th.

In addition to investments in technological start-ups, cooperation with research centres and the development of its research and development centre, crowdsourcing is one of the elements of the innovative development strategy of CIECH Group.

As part of its first crowdsourcing programme, CIECH Group will ask a broad group of scientists, students, institutions or enthusiasts to develop effective solutions with regard to two tasks. The first task is related to the development of post-soda lime and involves identifying new possibilities for its use or improving its chemical and physical properties, and thus creating a new product which could be attractive to potential customers.

The second challenge that CIECH Group will pose to chemists, scientists or inventors is the recovery of heat in the soda process. Solutions that will allow the recovered energy to be used to generate electricity, supply cooling systems, or re-use it for the soda production process, are being sought.

- At CIECH, we would like to cooperate with creative scientists from around the world whose ideas have business potential. We are flexible and adjust the form of our commitment to each project to ensure the best effects and, as a result, set modern standards in the approach to innovation in the chemical industry, thereby providing CIECH Group with a competitive advantage. We are launching our first crowdsourcing project together with the global platform,, to ask researchers, inventors and engineers about their ideas for innovations in the field circular economy. The best ideas will be awarded with grants - says Aleksandra Janusz, President of the Management Board of CIECH R&D - the company responsible for coordinating innovative projects within the entire CIECH Group.

Experts from CIECH will select the best projects based on criteria such as technical feasibility, the amount of used raw material or business efficiency of the solution (i.e. the lowest operating cost in relation to potential profits). The first stage of the completion will continue until the August 12th. After its completion, the company will select the best ideas that will qualify to the next step, during which they will have to be clarified and refined - both in technological and business terms. The best project will be awarded a grant of EUR 12,000, while the authors of the second and third best projects can count on a prize of EUR 1,500.

Ennomotive is a global platform connecting companies with specialists from around the globe – mainly in engineering sciences. It brings together 15 thousand specialists of this type. Such a large community enables businesses to obtain innovative and creative solutions effectively. On the other hand, it offers talented enthusiast and scientists an opportunity to demonstrate their potential and obtain significant financial resources.

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CIECH is an international chemical group with a strong position on European and global markets, supported by a reliable longterm strategic investor (Kulczyk Investments). The company exports its products to more than 100 countries around the world, offering soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, salt, plant protection products, epoxy and polyester resins, polyurethane foams, silicates and glass packaging. The company has eight production plants in three European countries - Poland, Germany and Romania. Since 2005, the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and, since 2016, on one of the largest stock exchanges in Europe - Börse Frankfurt.

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