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CIECH expands into a new market

CIECH launches a new Home & Garden product line to expand the portfolio of CIECH Sarzyna, Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection chemicals. This is one element of the strategic development plan for the Group's organic segment. The new ZIEMOVIT brand is intended for anyone with green fingers looking to provide comprehensive care for their garden or allotment. The brand will include top-quality substrates, herbicides and liquid/granulated fertilisers tailored to the customers' needs and expectations. 

“Apart from the key soda segment, our strategy involves intensive development of the organic segment. The products in the new Home & Garden category are our next step in this direction. Our plans are ambitious and we expect ZIEMOVIT to quickly become the leader in its class. Note that we are Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection chemicals, with over 40 years of experience, unique competencies and extensive know-how in this field. I am convinced that the CIECH Group's experts have plenty to offer Polish gardeners and allotment holders, and that our ZIEMOVIT line of products will exceed their expectations,” said Maciej Tybura, President of the Management Board at CIECH SA, during the launch. 

The ZIEMOVIT portfolio includes two plant protection chemicals: Chwastox Trio 540 SL, which offers great and quick results with its wide-ranging weed-killing action attributed to three different active ingredients, and Agrosar 360 SL, which is perfect for the control of mono- and dicotyledonous weeds. 

The ZIEMOVIT line also includes high-quality granulated fertilisers for conifers and roses that facilitate the growth and development of these plant types and improve their water management, thus making them more drought resistant. Both products contain the essential macro- and micronutrients and provide increased resistance to fungal diseases. ZIEMOVIT also includes three liquid fertilisers – for green plants, for flowering plants and for all plants (universal) – their ingredients have been perfectly combined to produce intensely green leaves while ensuring adequate protection and growth. 

The ZIEMOVIT portfolio is completed with substrates for balcony flowers and conifers, as well as universal substrates.

However, ZIEMOVIT means more than a comprehensive aid to help one grow one's garden, it also offers trusted advice. Anyone who loves garden plants will soon be able to subscribe to our regular newsletter, with its ample advice on plant care, an online gardener's calendar, and a special application for easy planning of any dream garden. 

The products from the new line will appear in stores on 1 March of this year.

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