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CIECH S.A. entered the FTSE Russell developed markets index

On Septmeber 24th 2018 the shares of CIECH S.A. were registered on the FTSE Russell developed markets indices. The Company was classified under the „small-cap” entities. This is an effect of the FTSE Russell’s decision to requalify Poland from “Emergin Markets, to “Developed Markets”.

Poland was reclassified as a Developed Market in the decision made by FTSE Russell on September 29th 2017, which was announced by the agency during the annual classification of nations on the basis of their status of development. As a result of upgraded classification, Poland now finds itself amongst the 25 most developed economies in the world, such as USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan or Australia. Poland was the first country to be reclassified to the developed markets for a decade and it is also the first country from Central-Eastern Europe to achieve this feat.

The FTSE Russell reviews the entire market structure when generating the classification, therein the regulatory environment, the infrastructure, the quality of the capital market, the securities market and the development of the derivatives market. Leading global investment funds use the FTSE market classification as a benchmark. The reclassification also includes the shift of companies registered amongst the FTSE indices grouping developing market companies into developed market companies. Consequently, CIECH S.A. was amongst the 37 companies which entered the developed market index (per the FTSE Russell size category). 

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