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Development of new products and foreign expansion are the priorities of CIECH Sarzyna for 2018

CIECH Sarzyna, the largest Polish producer of crop protection chemicals, presented its development plans for 2018. The foundations for the development of the AGRO business of the CIECH Group are also meant to be intensive research and development activities, extension of the product offer and progressing foreign expansion. CIECH Sarzyna will also continue to systematically develop its distribution and sales networks, and strengthen its conducted promotional activities, including loyalty programmes for points of sale and farms.

In the season of 2017 (4th quarter  2016 + 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter  of 2017), the AGRO business of the CIECH Group noted high, over 20 per cent growth of sales, achieved in the crop protection market which has been shrinking in Poland in recent years. This is a result of very good sales of the top products covered by the CIECH Sarzyna offer. The company strengthened its leader’s position in the market of crop herbicides, noting, in the season of 2017, the growth of sales in this area by nearly 35 per cent. Excellent sales, as compared to the overall market, were also achieved with regard to AGROSAR 360 SL glyphosate, which - in comparison with the season of 2016 - grew by 90 per cent, allowing CIECH Sarzyna to gain a 43 per cent share in the glyphosate market in Poland.

“Our very good results are an effect of the consistently implemented development strategy of CIECH Sarzyna, including intensification of research and development activities, extension of our product offer, and expansion to foreign markets and strengthening of the sales and marketing areas. Thanks to the hard work and trust of three generations of Polish farmers in the high quality of our products, we achieve very good results, despite the growing competition in the market,” says Mariusz Grelewicz, President of the Management Board of CIECH Sarzyna.

In 2018, CIECH Sarzyna intends to extend its agricultural offer with 6 new crop protection chemicals. The Company will also continue to develop its offer in the category of specialized foliar fertilizers. In 2017, the Company launched the sales of a new brand, SARPLON®, containing macro- and microelements necessary for plants and positively affecting the volume and quality of crops. In 2018, this category will be supplemented by the SARMIN maKSi product, characterized by the contents of water-soluble silicon so far unprecedented in the market, and the highest potassium contents among all silicon-based fertilizers.

CIECH Sarzyna, the largest Polish crop protection chemicals producer which, in recent years, doubled export of its AGRO products, intends to continue its intense foreign expansion. The development programme of the Company’s portfolio in international markets anticipates registration of 20 new original products in the Central and Southern zones (e.g. Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom or Ireland) in 2017-2021. The Company also implements an investment plan to obtain its own authorizations for active substances whose number is said to grow from 2 in 2016 to 10 in 2020.


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