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Kulczyk Foundation, CIECH Sarzyna and celebrated the summing-up of the support campaign for libraries of the City and Commune of Nowa Sarzyna

On 28 April of the current year, a celebration was held at the Centre of Culture in Nowa Sarzyna, during which representatives of  Kulczyk Foundation, CIECH Sarzyna and summed up the campaign of donating library furniture and books to libraries in the City and Commune. As mutually emphasized by the organizers of the event, its greatest success is the actual improvement of the collections and infrastructure of local libraries.

The collection of books for local libraries lasted a month and it was addressed to all inhabitants. Special boxes with the logo were placed in designated locations in the territory of the City and Commune. Beneficiaries of the books obtained in this way will be educational institutions operating in the territory of the commune. The purpose of the campaign was dissemination among children and the youth of the idea of reading, enrichment of the collections of local libraries and emphasizing their important function in the process of educating the youngest. The collection was also a great chance to review home libraries and get rid of books which are not needed, in this way giving them a second life.

The most important part of the event was the settlement of the arts competition for children announced on 9 April of the current year, entitled "Zaczytana Sowa z Nowej Sarzyny" ["Reading Owl from Nowa Sarzyna"], where the task was to create an image of an owl. The winners were: Karolina Wiatr (class 2, from Jelna), Aleksandra Kostek (class 6, from Sarzyna) and Kacper Siuzdak (aged 4, from Nowa Sarzyna).

The works submitted for the competition, which were characterized by great creativity of the youngest inhabitants of Nowa Sarzyna, were evaluated by the Jury presided by the President of the Management Board of Kulczyk Foundation, Dominika Kulczyk. The following persons were also members of the commission: The Parish Priest of the  Holy Mary Queen of Poland Parish in Nowa Sarzyna,  Kazimierz Kawa, President of the Management Board of CIECH Sarzyna, Andrzej Kopeć, Chairman of the Municipal Council in Nowa Sarzyna, Stanisław Kurlej, and the Mayor of the City and Commune of Nowa Sarzyna, Jerzy Paul. All the works submitted for the competition could be viewed at a special exhibition, organized at the Centre of Culture.

"I remember from my childhood the magic of this special place which is the library. I am very happy that thanks to the support of CIECH Sarzyna, the educational institutions in the Nowa Sarzyna Commune will receive new library furniture and additional books, because living in friendship with books gives you, as Umberto Eco said, "double life"," said Dominika Kulczyk, President of the Management Board of Kulczyk Foundation.

The organization of this campaign was possible thanks to the financial involvement of CIECH Sarzyna. The support of initiatives aimed at the development of local communities is an element of philosophy of the whole CIECH Group, whose CIECH Sarzyna is a part of.

"CIECH Sarzyna is a company present in the life of local community for nearly 80 years. We are an important part of life of Nowa Sarzyna. We are glad that by means of this campaign we will contribute to popularization of reading among children and we will show them how interesting and developing it is to spend free time with a book," said Andrzej Kopeć, President of the Management Board of CIECH Sarzyna.


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