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Organika-Sarzyna is launching an extensive installation for production of saturated polyester resins

Organika-Sarzyna, a company forming a part of the CIECH Chemical Group, has held today a ceremony of launching an extensive installation for production of Saturated Polyester Resin – SPR. The new line, whose construction represented a cost of nearly PLN 12 million, will facilitate an increase in production of this type of goods by 100 per cent – up to 12 thousand tonnes of the product per year.

Products from the extended installation will mainly serve to supply companies manufacturing powder paints for which they form the main raw material. The doubling of the quantity of produced resins will facilitate better satisfaction of needs of the current clients, obtainment of new clients and serious strengthening of the position of Organika-Sarzyna in the markets in which it operates. 
“We should emphasise strongly that restructuring means not only organizational changes or cost cutting. It also means development, as proven by the extension of the SPR installation. There have never been any doubts for me that in order to plan operations many years ahead, we should invest in new capacity. This is also a condition necessary for effective competition in the free market at the times of crisis,” said Andrzej Kopeć, the President of the Management Board of Organika-Sarzyna. 
Thanks to the developed SPR installation, the Company will be able to significantly increase its supplies not only throughput Europe, but also Turkey or countries east of Poland.
“Organika-Sarzyna still is an important element of the CIECH Chemical Group, we are planning common future for many years in the future. It is also a starting point for the development of our organic segment. I am glad that investment decisions, such as the cone concerning the extension of the SPR installation, taken at the hardest times for the whole CIECH Group, now bring about results which serve the strengthening and development of our market position,” said Dariusz Krawczyk, the President of the Management Board of CIECH.
The investment was granted approval for implementation on 27 September 2013, and the assembly work stage ended on 31 August 2014. Total budget of the project amounted to PLN 11,660 thousand.

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