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Halvetic in Italy, expansion into new markets, ongoing campaign in Poland – "Halvetic 100% Certainty"

Italy is another market where Halvetic, a breakthrough plant protection product developed and produced by CIECH Sarzyna, is now available. The registration processes are also underway in Estonia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Croatia, and Uruguay. As a result, this innovative product based on the patented Better Glyphosate Technology (BGT) may soon be available in 18 countries. In addition, thanks to the expanded registration, Halvetic can also be used in minor crops, contributing to its versatility and usefulness for farmers and gardeners. Simultaneously, CIECH Sarzyna is launching the "Halvetic 100% Certainty" campaign, aimed at assuring customers that the BGT technology they have at their disposal ensures effective operation.


Halvetic is a herbicide that has been present on the market for three years. It was developed based on the innovative BGT technology and registered in Poland by CIECH Sarzyna. The product allows for the maintenance of the effectiveness of glyphosate-based products, while reducing the active substance dosage per hectare by half, compared to the existing market standard. This is a breakthrough on the global glyphosate formulation market and, at the same time, the CIECH Group's response to the challenges related to the transformation of agriculture towards a more sustainable direction. The effectiveness of Halvetic has been confirmed in approximately 500 trials and field tests conducted in several climatic zones and on four continents.


The product has just been launched for sale in the Italian market, making it the twelfth country where it is now available. Currently, customers in countries such as Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Spain can also benefit from it. The herbicide registration processes are also underway in Estonia, Uruguay, Finland, Croatia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. As a result, the product has the potential to be registered in 18 markets.


Parallel to further market expansion of the product, CIECH Sarzyna is conducting the "Halvetic 100% Certainty" campaign. The campaign aims to increase the added value for farmers who want to use innovative weed control methods but are concerned about changing their existing practices. The campaign assures farmers of the effective action of the herbicide treatment by offering them the possibility of reimbursement for the product cost in the event of unsatisfactory results after using Halvetic.


"Thanks to hundreds of tests carried out worldwide, we are sure of the effectiveness of Halvetic, which is why we guarantee 100% certainty of its efficacy or a refund of the product cost. Halvetic is a reliable solution in weed control, as its innovative BGT technology enables it to work more efficiently in challenging weather conditions compared to other solutions on the market. As the manufacturer, we provide 100% assurance of the treatment's effectiveness, assuming the proper conditions for using our product are met. Also, it is crucial to note that Halvetic allows for a reduction in chemical footprint in the environment, which is another step towards the green transformation of agriculture," says Wojciech Babski, the President of the Management Board of CIECH Sarzyna and Head of the AGRO Business Unit of the CIECH Group.


As part of the "Halvetic 100% Certainty" campaign, participants have the opportunity to win valuable rewards, including discount coupons and attractive prizes. The condition for participation is to leave feedback about Halvetic on the Partner Sarzyna loyalty program website ( The campaign is ongoing until September 30, 2023.


CIECH Sarzyna also organizes a nationwide series of over thirty field events called the Halvetic Tour for farmers who would like to learn about the benefits of this innovative plant protection product. These meetings are dedicated to farm owners and agricultural advisors and will be held from May to October this year. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions with experts who will provide detailed information about the efficacy of Halvetic and its application methods. The Halvetic Tour is also an opportunity for knowledge exchange and gaining insights into the latest trends and technologies used in agriculture.


Halvetic is a non-selective herbicide in the form of a concentrate for the preparation of an aqueous solution, applied directly to the leaves (foliar application) and intended to control a very wide spectrum of monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous annual and perennial weeds. It is dedicated to farmers who appreciate fast and lasting herbicidal effectiveness, while maintaining greater care for the environment. The effect of the product is reliable - its effectiveness remains unchanged even with the use of hard water and under conditions causing plant stress. The product is effective in combating numerous weeds, it can be used after harvesting various crops and in stubble fields, for pre-emergence weed control in corn, as well as orchards, on non-agricultural areas, and in over 60 minor crops.



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