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Another stage of the marketing campaign of CIECH Sarzyna - "Set a barrier to your weeds" is about to start

"Agrosar - complete elimination of weeds" - this is the motto of another stage of the marketing campaign of "Set a barrier to your weeds", promoting weed fighting products of CIECH Sarzyna S.A.

Agrosar is a herbicide which is quickly gaining recognition in the market and which is based on glyphosate, an agent very popular in the world. Agrosar is a highly universal agent which may be used all year for many crops, including recreational areas.

"The development of the organic segment, including in the Agro sector, forms one of the pillars of the business strategy of CIECH. The market of crop protection chemicals is growing and in order to be able to effectively complete in it, it is very important to have experience, appropriate distribution channels, as well as flexibility in reaching product excellence. CIECH has all of the above advantages. I am convinced that the strengthening of the marketing communication will increase the awareness of the key products of CIECH Sarzyna and will position the CIECH brand among the top greatest market players in the agricultural sector," said Dariusz Krawczyk, President of CIECH.

The campaign of Agrosar forms an element of the marketing campaign of CIECH Sarzyna, "Set a barrier to your weeds", which was launched on 15 April of the current year. Its first stage promoted Chwastox - one of the weed-fighting agents most recognizable in the market.

"The campaign is aimed at the emphasis of the Polish origin of Chwastox and Agrosar, products which are well adapted to the needs and expectations of not only Polish farmers, but also allotment owners. They do not have to look for an effective weapon to fight weeds among foreign producers, because the most effective preparations - Chwastox and Agrosar - are manufactured by Polish specialists in Nowa Sarzyna," said the President of CIECH Sarzyna, Andrzej Kopeć. He adds that another objective of the campaign is to popularize the new name of the former  Chemical Plant Organika-Sarzyna SA - CIECH Sarzyna.

15-second TV commercials and 8-second sponsored billboards of Agrosar will start to be shown on TVP channels (TVP 1, TVP Info, Regional TVP Channels) and Polsat (Polsat, Polsat 2, Polsat News, TV 4, TV 6) already on 15 of June of the current year. The product will also be promoted by advertisements in sectoral press (Tygodnik Poradnik Rolniczy, Agro Serwis, Top Agrar, Nowoczesna uprawa), as well as by a banner campaign on agricultural portals and by a number of exposition materials in stores offering agricultural products. The end of the campaign is planned for 15 August of the current year.

The design and implementation of the campaign of Chwastox and Agrosar constitute the responsibility of the WALK advertising company. Starlink is responsible for media purchasing.

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