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Commencement of investment in a new salt works plant in Germany

CIECH Group will build a new salt production plant in Stassfurt, Germany, next to the soda plant owned by CIECH Soda Deutschland. According to the plans, production will be launched in 2020, and the new plant will produce approx. 450,000 tons of evaporated salt annually. It will be the second salt works plant operating within the CIECH Group - the first one is located in Janikowo, Kujawy Region in Poland (its production capacity is 550,000 tons per annum). In total, after launching the new production plant, CIECH Group will produce 1 million tonnes of evaporated salt annually, making it the third largest producer of evaporated salt in Europe. The value of the project for the construction of the new salt works is approx. EUR 100 million. The subsidy granted for CIECH Soda Deutschland’s venture by the regional authorities of Saxony-Anhalt on April 23rd amounting to EURO 11.25 million was an important element in the process of making the decision to initiate the investment. Provided that the necessary administrative permits are obtained, the construction of the salt works will commence in 2018.

It is the largest greenfield production plant investment in the CIECH history. The preparatory stage, which commenced last November, included tender proceedings related to the implementation of the project, development of design documentation, and receipt of a positive decision on obtaining public aid from the Saxony-Anhalt government.

- In the recent months, we have well prepared to make a final decision: we conducted in-depth analyses of the project's implementation and profitability with the support of recognised consulting companies, verified available technologies and selected, in our opinion, the most effective one, we prepared the plant design in the smallest details, and received a positive decision concerning public aid. The state aid received from the government of Saxony-Anhalt was also an important factor in the decision process. We are launching an investment which will enable CIECH Group to strengthen its position on the salt products market and offer, among others, specialised products such as: salt tablets for water treatment or pharmaceutical salt. After commissioning, CIECH will become the third largest producer of evaporated salt in Europe. With twice as large salt production capacities, the diversification of our business will also increase - says Maciej Tybura, President of the Management Board of CIECH S.A.

The plant to be established in Stassfurt will have a production capacity of 450 thousand tons of dry salt per annum (in comparison, the Janikowo plant manufactures approx. 550 thousand tons of dry salt every year). After commissioning, the new plant is expected to supply its products to West European markets, while the Polish plant is expected to supply its products to Central European and Scandinavian markets. The advantage of the location in Germany is the availability of its own sources of raw materials (brines) and a very convenient location enabling the company to expand to attractive markets.

The new salt works will manufacture a wide range of salt products: from food-grade salt, salt used in electrolysis (needed for the production of plastics) and salt tablets (for water treatment) to specialist pharmaceutical salt. According to analyzes prepared for the needs of the planned investment, the rate of development of salt production capacities, on a global scale, will be more than twice lower than the growth rate of demand. In addition, the planned product mix of the new salt works takes into account favourable forecasts of the growth in demand for, among others, pharmaceutical salt or water treatment products.

In recent years, CIECH Group has been intensively developing its salt business. As a result of these operations, the Group introduced, among others, its offer of salt tablets, and consequently, entered into a very attractive market for water treatment products. CIECH Group is currently the water treatment market leader in Poland and Scandinavian countries. In addition, an investment of PLN 30 million will be completed in the Janikowo plant this year, as a result of which further products will be introduced to the Group portfolio – dishwasher salt and salt licks for breeding animals. CIECH Group also offers food-grade salt, available in the largest store chains for retail customers, and has recently also began to distribute Himalayan and marine salt.

CIECH Group has been present in Germany for 10 years, since the purchase of the Sodawerk plant (now CIECH Soda Deutschland). During this time, the value of CIECH’s investment in Germany has amounted to approx. EUR 100 million, including such investments as expansion of soda ash and purified soda production capacity

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CIECH is an international, professionally-managed Group with Polish roots, with a well-established position of a leader of the chemical sector in Central and Eastern Europe. It manufactures products which are used in the production of articles necessary in everyday life of people all over the world - state-of-the-art products of the highest, world quality. Taking advantage of the support of a reliable strategic investor (Kulczyk Investments), it implements the strategy of global development, extending its sales in world markets. At the same time, it combines the modern approach to business with production tradition which goes back to 1882. More info at

CIECH Soda Deutschland is a German producer of soda seated in the town of Stassfurt. The company manufactures heavy ash, light ash, baking soda (including pharmaceutical soda), while its subsidiary generates heat energy and electric energy. The plant uses its own limestone and brine deposits in the production of soda. The CIECH Group took over the German manufacturer in 2007, thus consolidating its position as the second soda manufacturer in Europe. CIECH Soda Deutschland (formerly Sodawerk Stassfurt) is one of the oldest companies in Saxony-Anhalt and its history goes back to July 1882.

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