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The APC system is already operating in the CIECH factories in Inowrocław and Stassfurt, preparations are underway for its implementation in Janikowo

The Advanced Process Control – a system optimising the operation of sodium carbonate (soda ash) production lines - is already operating in the CIECH soda plants in Inowrocław (CIECH Soda Polska) and Stassfurt (CIECH Soda Deutschland), improving their efficiency and ensuring greater savings. Additionally, in the Inowrocław plant, work has begun on the implementation of specialised software to support the operation of the local heat and power plant, supplying the energy necessary for the production process. With the launch of the APC in CIECH soda plants, the level of efficiency of their production improved and may contribute to an increase in EBITDA of the soda business by several million PLN per plant per year. After the successful implementation of the modern solution in the two plants of the Group, preparations are currently underway for the implementation of the APC system in the Janikowo factory. Carried out since 2019, these activities are part of the soda business transformation programme implemented as part of the Group's new strategy for 2022-2024 and assumes, among others, implementation of the best available technological solutions and digital transformation of production.


The APC system, developed by the American company Honeywell, providing modern solutions for the industry, is used to monitor, control and optimise the production process in real time, allowing for automatic, computer-based change of its parameters in order to improve efficiency. Currently, at the CIECH Soda Polska plant in Inowrocław, APC supports all key stages of soda production, i.e. carbonisation, calcination, filtration and distillation. In the face of high prices of raw materials, a key element of the system is the optimisation of the consumption of materials necessary for the production of soda, such as limestone or coke, which in turn translates into lower CO2 emissions in the production process.


In addition, work is underway to implement a solution that will optimise the operation of the CHP plant located on the premises of the factory. In this case, the system will take care of the parameters of process steam production. The application of the APC system will also help to reduce water consumption.


At the CIECH plant in Stassfurt, Germany, the system currently supports the stages related to the distillation and filtration processes on the sodium carbonate production line. Later this year, its operation will also include the carbonisation process. APC is also to operate in the third CIECH soda plant, located in Janikowo near Inowrocław. Preparations for the implementation of this specialised software are currently underway there.


The effect of the implementation of the APC system in relation to EBITDA of the soda business may amount to approx. a dozen or so million zlotys annually, assuming that this system will operate on production lines in all three operating CIECH soda plants.


The implementation of the APC is in line with the strategy of the CIECH Group for 2022-2024, which provides for a four-point transformation of the soda business. It consists of: cost optimisation, energy transformation, the use of tools to support the maintenance of market advantage, as well as full focus on the expansion of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as a specialist product with a higher margin.


– APC is one of several components of our programme to improve the efficiency of soda production by increasing the level of automation, implemented as part of the soda business transformation plan. This specialised software supports the digitisation of the production process, optimises each stage of soda production, including the consumption of raw materials, greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of waste generated – says Kamil Majczak, Member of the Management Board of CIECH S.A. for the Group Strategy and Transformation.


The CIECH Group produces sodium carbonate in Inowrocław, Stassfurt and Janikowo. It is the second largest producer of this raw material in the European Union and the tenth globally. Sodium carbonate is one of the ten most used raw materials in the world and is applied, for example, in for the production of glass or detergents, also finding numerous applications in other various branches of the economy.


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