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The CIECH Group develops its facilities and competence in the area of logistics

CIECH is implementing its development strategy whose purpose is building a diversified chemical group with a strong position in international markets. To that end, it also intends to improve the level of customer service, inter alia through the development of its facilities and competence in the area of logistics and transport. In 2018, CIECH intends to modernize the existing loading terminals, invest in new loading sites and continue the process of construction and automation of its warehouses. This will be to the benefit of not only the clients of the Group, but also the transport companies co-operating with CIECH.

“An important element of our activities is delivery of a complex service to our clients, and that is why we undertake a number of measures in the area of development of the logistic infrastructure and competence. In the target model, we want to offer our business partners a full range of services within an integrated delivery chain. In practice, this means not only the security of the transport service, but also building business partnership, information exchange, determination of common goals and the so-called “stewardship”, i.e. initiation and promotion of best practices. Such an approach is particularly important and valued by the clients of our soda segment,” says Hubert Frasunkiewicz, Head of the Delivery Chain Management Section.

The priority of the CIECH Group is limitation of the goods loading time, for instance through an increase of the number of loading sites, modernization of the existing loading terminals and construction of new truck scales which will accelerate the the process of weighing trucks before and after loading. Such terminals already came into existence at the Inowrocław and Janikowo plants (where soda and salt are produced), others are under construction and will be launched by the middle of 2018. Meanwhile, new scales are already in operation in Nowa Sarzyna (where resins and crop protection chemicals are produced).

CIECH also invests in modern and automated warehouses, guaranteeing the highest standards of delivery service and increasing the effectiveness of operations by ensuring shorter loading time. During the last days of 2017, at the CIECH plant in Janikowo, the construction was completed of, inter alia, a new high-storage warehouse used to store ready products of dry salt (table salt, industrial salt, feed salt, salt tablets). The value of this investment exceeded 17 million PLN. This is one of the most modern and most automated sites of this type in that part of Poland. Meanwhile, in autumn 2017, in Bydgoszcz, at the CIECH Pianki plant, the commissioning took place of a long-block warehouse which increased the capacity and effectiveness of the polyurethane foam producer (investment value: 10 million PLN).

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