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The new ESG Strategy of the CIECH Group: eight commitments for the sustainable development

Climate neutrality by 2040, reducing the amount of energy needed in production processes, protection of natural resources, implementing the idea of a circular economy in everyday business operations, employee development and improved work safety – these are some of the commitments undertaken by the CIECH Group in its new ESG strategy. The document presents the company's activities in the area of environmental protection, care for people and society, and the highest standards of corporate governance. The goals of the strategy – measurable and enabling progress monitoring – are in line with the ESG criteria applied in the assessment of listed companies by global investors. They also fit into the assumptions of the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” prepared by the United Nations.


The eight obligations of CIECH included in our ESG strategy are: "We accelerate on a path to carbon neutrality", "We decouple growth and energy consumption", " We see circularity as a key efficiency lever", "We put safety as a top priority", " We want to be an inclusive place for diverse talents to develop", " We are a responsible part of local communities", " We join our efforts together with clients and suppliers" and " We earn credibility by delivering promises".


As a modern organisation, we are convinced that it is possible to create a sustainable, global economy with lasting benefits for people, the environment and markets. We believe that business should be a pioneer in terms of setting trends and promoting activities that will help to change our surroundings for the better in the next decades and for the next generations. Accordingly, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development are one of the pillars of our business strategy – says Dawid Jakubowicz, President of the Management Board of CIECH S.A.


In terms of the environment, the Group’s ESG strategy focuses on objectives related to decarbonisation. By 2026, CIECH intends to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 33%, by 2033 – to abandon coal in its production processes, and by 2040 – to achieve climate neutrality.


- We have been implementing the decarbonisation strategy since 2019. By combining large-scale initiatives involving, among others, introducing gas into the energy mix or extracting steam from thermal waste treatment installations, with dozens of smaller-scale activities, we want to reduce emissions, as a minimum, by one third by 2026. We are developing our own innovative technologies and we count on the commercialisation of new solutions, such as the use of hydrogen, small nuclear reactors or efficient energy storage, in the next several years – says Mirosław Skowron, Member of the Management Board of CIECH S.A.


An important element of the new ESG strategy of CIECH is also to systematically reduce, on an annual basis, the amount of energy consumed in our production processes. For this purpose, the Group plans to use the most effective available technologies. In order to protect natural resources, CIECH will systematically reduce their use in its production processes. The Group also intends to introduce, on a larger scale, solutions in the area of the circular economy, among others, in collaboration with our customers and business partners.


"We put safety as a top priority" is a commitment, the implementation of which will be supported by the greater role of health & safety training, the use of modern methods of monitoring installations, as well as strengthening the safety issue in the assessments of managers responsible for production. The issue of employees is also related to our commitment to support the development of talents by introducing modern methods of job evaluation and taking care of diversity and equal development opportunities, as a result of which we expect to improve the percentage of women in managerial positions to 35% in 2030.


Another ambitious goal of CIECH's ESG strategy is to achieve the position of a “good neighbour”, as a result of the launch of numerous initiatives to improve the quality of life of local communities living in the vicinity of the CIECH Group’s plants, as well as even better cooperation with local authorities and non-governmental organisations.


- Responsible business starts with openness and transparency. Thus, we have incorporated cooperation with business partners to promote and implement the idea of sustainable development into our ESG strategy. This will be reflected in the principles set out in the CIECH’s Business Partner Code, which our customers and suppliers will be asked to approve. Transparency will be ensured by regular reporting of progress in the implementation of our ESG strategy, thanks to the use of the best market standards, as well as a change in the method of employee evaluation by including the ESG strategy objectives in the employee evaluation and bonus system – summarises Jarosław Romanowski, Member of the Management Board of CIECH S.A.


All the commitments incorporated in the ESG strategy are presented in the material available on our websites and


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