The CIECH Group is the largest Polish manufacturer of evaporated salt, and its share in the domestic production capacity amounts to approx. 85%.

Evaporated salt is widely used in the chemical industry (in electrolysis, in the production of detergents and dyes), in the food industry, the animal feed industry, in water treatment and softening processes.

The CIECH Group offers a wide variety of product portfolio:

  • salt and iodised salt – the CIECH Group sells table salt in one-kilogram packages under the “Sól Kujawska” brand and under own labels of discount stores and grocery chains, and also in 25 kg bags, e.g. for spice manufacturers or bakeries. In addition, CIECH offers table salt without any anti-caking agent.
  • fodder salt and salt licks – used in the preparation of feed mixtures, which, due to their content of salt and minerals, perfectly supplement farm animal diets (such as cows and horses).
  • salt tablets – are used in water softening systems, among others, for regeneration of ion exchangers, water softeners and multifunctional filters aimed at capturing ingredients that cause water hardness (calcium and magnesium).
  • nitrite pickling salt (pickling salt) – is an indispensible auxiliary agent in the manufacture of meat products, including cold meats and sausages; CIECH offers pickling salt targeted at both B2B channel (under CIECH’s own brand) and retail customers (under “Kujawska” brand).
  • dishwasher salt granules – commonly used in households. The use of granulated salt extends the life cycle of the dishwasher, reduces the consumption of water and detergents, and improves washing efficiency.
  • industrial-grade salt – is one of the ingredients used in the production of detergents, washing powders and dyes. Moreover, it is widely used in the electrolysis process.
  • pavement salt – used for removing snow from roads and pavements.


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