Sodium bicarbonate

Food grade soda

The product finds many uses in the food industry and in households.


  • Production of food and beverages
  • Main ingredient in baking powders
  • Ready to eat cake and pasty component
  • Ingredient in frozen yeast products
  • Fruit washing agent
  • Odour absorbent
  • Cleaning agent

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Feed soda

An animal feed ingredient intended for feed manufacturers and private farmers. Available in powder and granule forms (compact soda).


  • Acidity regulator; stabilises pH at 6.0 to 6.8
  • Ingredient in feed mixes and premixes
  • Improves animal feeding efficiency


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Pharmaceutical soda

Its acid neutralisation action, potential binding with other chemicals and cleaning properties help pharmaceutical grade soda find widespread use.


  • Manufacture of various effervescent tablets
  • Ingredient in drugs and dietary supplements
  • Manufacture of toothpaste
  • Component of selected wellness products 

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Product obtained chemically from sodium carbonate or sodium chloride and carbon dioxide. Its high quality ensures very good efficiency of dry desulphurisation of flue gas — lowers SO2 emissions by 90%. The efficacy of Sorbeco has been proven by tests carried out by Wrocław University of Technology.


  • Dry desulphurisation of flue gases


  • Lower investment expenditure when compared to wet and semi-dry methods
  • Reduced consumption of energy and water
  • Reduced footprint of the installations
  • Simple installation construction — short lead time
  • Easy waste transportation and storage
  • Dry finished product and no effluents
  • Low price of sorbent
  • Lower installation corrosivity

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Industrial grade soda

The product is available in several grain fractions, from fine-grained to ultra-coarse grained.


  • Additive in laundry washing powders
  • Component in fire extinguisher charges
  • Production of paper
  • Oil extraction
  • Leather industry
  • Building facade cleaning agent

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Specification - Pharmaceutical soda

Specification - Industrial grade soda

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