Calcium chloride

An inorganic chemical compound, distinguished by its strong susceptibility to moisture absorption. Calcium chloride is widely used in road operation, construction and chemical industries, coal, oil and gas mining, as well as agriculture and horticulture.

Application of Calcium Chloride:

Winter road maintenance
  • Removes icing from roads, pavements and stairs, freezing rain, slush, slush-related slipperiness, rime, snow and glaze ice
  • Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is more effective and more efficient than road salt
  • The effective operational temperature of salt is up to -6°C, while calcium chloride is an effective agent for removing snow and ice even at temperatures as low as -40°C!
  • Moreover, its consumption is even 10 times lower than that of salt, and its effect can last up to 72 hours after application, as opposed to the short-lived effects of salt.


Summer surface maintenance
  • Effectively eliminates dusting
  • Increases the strength and integrity of the road surface
  • Reduces bump and rut formation
  • If used regularly, it reduces the frequency of regeneration work
  • Reduces equipment and labour cost - Reduces the cost of purchasing materials intended for road filling and maintenance
  • Improves safety - increases visibility
  • Easy to apply, quick preparation of solution


Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Source of easily absorbable calcium (Ca) for fruit and vegetables
  • Prevents physiological diseases and fungal infections
  • Delays ripening and prolongs storage time of fruit and vegetables
  • Stimulates fruit growth
  • Allows minimising the effects of stress caused by drought or frost
  • Increases crack resistance of fruit


  • Gas and liquid drying agent in chemical syntheses
  • Plastics additive
  • Calcium salt production component
  • pH adjusting agent



Addition to mortars and concretes:

  • sealing properties
  • binding accelerator
  • enables concreting at temperatures below 0°C


Water treatment/purification
  • Auxiliary agent in the drainage of sewage treatment plants
  • Phosphate neutralisation in wastewater treatment plants


  • Calcium chloride solution increases the density of the liquid phase of drilling mud used for deposit mining
  • Chloride and calcium scrubber additive
  • Prevents explosive effects in coal mines (binds coal dust), kerosene refining


  • Dehumidification of flats
  • Component of cooling and extinguishing solutions/mixes
  • Flame retardant for cotton fabrics
  • Paper processing and discoloration
  • Improves air quality (binds dust and suppresses PM10 particles)


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