A wide range of applications

The offer of COMFORT jars is addressed at clients who require better looks of products. Jars can be used in HoReCa market, food processing market, and consumer market.

HoReCa market:

  • breakfast buffet in hotels: breakfast flakes, jams, honey, dried fruit and more,
  • storing various types of tea and coffee in specialty stores or restaurants (teahouses, coffeehouses, etc.),
  • sales of various types of ready-to-eat meals, e.g., salads in bistros,
  • meals can also be served in COMFORT jars.

Food processing market:

  • production of honey, fish and other produce that does not require long pasteurisation,
  • coconut oil, peanut butter,
  • promotional sales of products like tea, coffee, candy and many more,
  • production of candles,
  • cosmetic products: bathing salts, body cremes.

Consumer markets. Empty jars are sold on the consumer market meant for storage of various types of products:

  • loos products, among other things, seasonings, flour, groats, rice, flakes, chips, salt, sugar, coffee, tea, pasta,
  • dried products, among other things, dried fruit, vegetables, mushrooms,
  • home-made preserves, for instance gherkins, jams, liqueurs,
  • pastry products, among other things, cookies, chocolate bites, jellies, candy,
  • salads to work and other types of “food to go”
  • Storing of any types of small products: screws, blocks and many more.
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