CIECH published its results after the first half of 2023, the Group invests in development and greater competitiveness during the global economic downturn

CIECH inwestuje w zielone rozwiązania i zwiększa moc instCIECH is investing in green solutions and increasing the capacity of photovoltaic installations within the Group’s companiesalacji fotowoltaicznych w spółkach Grupy

CIECH Sarzyna – new products and expansion into a new segment of insecticides. CIECH's Agro business defends its position in the segment of cereal and corn herbicides

The modern Gama locomotive and the new training center at CIECH Cargo – another step towards improving the company's operational efficiency

Halvetic in Italy, expansion into new markets, ongoing campaign in Poland – "Halvetic 100% Certainty"

The CIECH Group: EBITDA result in the first quarter of 2023 at a similar level to the previous year despite a weakening macroeconomic environment

Kamil Majczak appointed as the President of the Management Board of CIECH S.A., Marcin Puziak assumed the position of a new CFO; outgoing Members of the Management Board join the Board of Kulczyk Investments

CIECH Soda Polska S.A. applies for an environmental decision to be issued for the construction of a thermal waste treatment installation in Inowrocław

CIECH Ventures among investors in MagREEsource, a French startup that recycles rare metals and produces permanent magnets

CIECH Pianki obtained the prestigious ISCC Plus Certification, confirming the company's sustainable production approach

CIECH Soda Polska signed a supply agreement to provide brine to its production plant up until 2035

Specialized drones scanned the CIECH’s production plant in Inowrocław for infrastructure condition and air quality

CIECH Ventures among investors of innovative start-up Ecobean

The first three quarters of 2022 have been the best such period in the history of the CIECH Group in terms of generated results

The CIECH Group revises upward forecast for 2022 – almost PLN 5.5 billion in revenue, nearly one billion in EBITDA result

CIECH’s report as the best financial statements in the “The Best Annual Report 2021” competition

CIECH’s report as the best financial statements in the “The Best Annual Report 2021” competition

Proplan introduces Halvetic to the Spanish plant protection market

CIECH Cargo wants to boost its employment and acquire more orders from external clients

Halvetic - a breakthrough herbicide by CIECH Sarzyna, registered in Slovakia and Poland, strengthens the company's position in this market segment

The APC system is already operating in the CIECH factories in Inowrocław and Stassfurt, preparations are underway for its implementation in Janikowo

CIECH S.A. plans to distribute an interim dividend for 2022 in the amount of PLN 79 million

Results of the CIECH Group after the first half of 2022: increase in revenues and net profit despite the demanding macroeconomic environment

CIECH Group’s table salt from German saltworks with the prestigious International Food Standard certificate

CIECH Group actively participated in SelectUSA Investment Summit

CIECH’s new strategy: in 2024, the Group is to be even more competitive and innovative; possible acquisitions

Siemens creates a soda production line simulator for the CIECH Group; the goal is to increase the efficiency of the production process

The commissioning of a new furnace for the production of silicates has started at Żary, an investment worth PLN 80 million

The CIECH Group summarised the first quarter of 2021: higher revenues and EBITDA profit, strong growth of the Agro and Foam businesses

The new ESG Strategy of the CIECH Group: eight commitments for the sustainable development

The CIECH Group forecasts an increase in EBITDA by 20-25 % in 2021

CIECH's results in 2020: the Group is resistant to the economic slowdown

The construction phase of the largest investment in CIECH’s history is coming to its end: a modern evaporated salt plant in Stassfurt

The CIECH Group has obtained long-term financing for the further development of its activity

The CIECH Group has finalised the sale of its Resins BU to LERG Group

CIECH has registered a breakthrough glyphosate formulation technology

Sodium bicarbonate from the CIECH’s factory in Germany has received a pharmaceutical market authorisation

CIECH Group has joined the United Nations Global Compact!

CIECH Group has joined the United Nations Global Compact!

The CIECH Group summed up the first quarter of 2020: increase in the margin in the soda segment, results due to the issues not related to operating activities

New member of the CIECH S.A. Management Board

The German investment of CIECH may increase the Group EBITDA by approx. EUR 25 million per annum

CIECH Group has summarised 2019: better results and stable financial foundations for demanding times

The position of the Management Board of CIECH S.A. in connection with the impact of the coronavirus on the operations of CIECH Group

CIECH Group has taken numerous measures to protect its employees, customers and suppliers against the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

CIECH Soda Romania forced to suspend its production in the long run and implement the voluntary redundancy programme

CIECH Soda Polska with a letter of intent on the construction of a thermal waste treatment installation in Janikowo

CIECH Soda Polska with a letter of intent on cooperation in the construction of a waste incineration plant

CIECH in the second stage of the Issuer’s Golden Website Contest

CIECH has completed soda contracting for 2020

CIECH S.A. awarded the “Company of the Year 2020” title

Basic businesses within the CIECH Group will operate as separate companies

In the third quarter of 2019, adjusted EBITDA result of the CIECH Group increased by 8 percent

CIECH S. A. additional write-down for impairment of CIECH Soda Romania assets without impact on the adjusted EBITDA result

The division plan of CIECH Sarzyna

Artur Osuchowski resigned from the position of Member of the Management Board of CIECH SA.

CIECH awarded in prestigious competition ‘The Best Annual Report 2018’

CIECH initiated the review of strategic options in relation to the Resins business

CIECH Soda Romania forced to temporarily stop its production

CIECH Group’s results for Q2 2019: PLN 945 M revenues and PLN 176 M adjusted EBITDA result

CIECH Soda Romania is forced to start preparations for stopping production from 18 September 2019

CIECH launches a crowdsourcing project for engineers, scientists and institutions worldwide

The CIECH Group will take advantage of the favourable situation in the soda market and will increase the efficiency of production in the soda business

The CIECH Group is launching a new production line for specialised sodium bicarbonate in Germany, used, among others, in dialysis

The CIECH Group supplies soda to the new Euroglas glassworks in Ujazd, Poland, being a growing glass producer

The CIECH Group generated solid results in the first quarter thanks to the good situation in the soda market, integration with Proplan is now completed

Solid results and intensive development in a demanding market environment – CIECH Group has summarised 2018

CIECH initiated a detailed review of changes to the corporate and organisational structure of the CIECH Group and changes to the asset structure of the Company.

CIECH in the second round of the Issuer’s Golden Website [Złota Strona Emitenta] Competition

Changes to the composition of the Supervisory Board of CIECH S.A.

The Supervisory Board has approved the CIECH Group Strategy for 2019 – 2021

Supervisory Board of CIECH S.A. appointed Dawid Jakubowicz to the office of the President of the Management Board

CIECH’s financial results for third quarter of 2018

CIECH S.A. entered the FTSE Russell developed markets index

Changes in CIECH S.A. Management Board

The results of the CIECH Group for the second quarter 2018: higher revenues and expansion to new markets

CIECH finalised the take-over of 100% of shares in a Spanish company, Proplan

CIECH Group will produce more glassy sodium silicate

General Meeting of CIECH SA: dividend of PLN 395.2 m to be distributed to shareholders

The CIECH Group achieved good financial results thanks to its foreign expansion and cost control

CIECH Group takes over a Spanish supplier of crop protection products operating on three continents

CIECH Group: one of the largest high-storage warehouses in the region is already operating in Janikowo

Commencement of investment in a new salt works plant in Germany

CIECH Sarzyna: export of crop protection products increased by 70 percent in the last two years

CIECH in the final stage of Polish Association of Listed Companies „Best IR website” contest

Sound results of the CIECH Group in 2017

CIECH qualified to the second stage of the prestigious Polish Association of Listed Companies contest „Best IR website”

Dates of submission of periodical reports in 2018

Development of new products and foreign expansion are the priorities of CIECH Sarzyna for 2018

The CIECH Group develops its facilities and competence in the area of logistics

CIECH is expanding its salt business

Another investment by CIECH in Germany – specialised dialysis soda in the portfolio

CIECH Group is expanding its AGRO business with specialised fertilisers

CIECH Group results for Q2 2017: Higher y/y revenue; Increase in the product portfolio

CIECH financial results for Q2 2017: higher revenues yoy, rising product portfolio

CIECH at this year WallStreet conference in Karpacz

CIECH in the final stage of SEG’s „Golden Website X” contest

Strong results of the CIECH Group in 2016 owing to investments and strengthening its international position

CIECH qualified to the second stage of this year's Zlota Strona Emitenta

Deciding on the submission of an offer in a potential transaction to acquire two companies from SAPEC Portugal

CIECH will be the first Polish company listed at the Warsaw and Frankfurt stock exchanges at the same time

Petition for declaration of bankruptcy of the main supplier of a subsidiary of the Issuer

CIECH Group results show a clear improvement, with an increase in revenues and margins in 2015.

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