We provide equitable access to employment and career development opportunities.

We support these polices by purposeful, long-term actions aimed to promote and encourage diversity, as well as to remove potential barriers.


Goals related to diversity:

  1. Ambition to naturally increase share of women in middle/senior management positions
    Goal: 35% in 2030 (currently ca. 25%)
  2. Eliminating gender pay gap – specialist, expert and middle management
    Goals: reduce GPG by 50% by 2025, zero GPG by 2030

Gender Pay Gap Ratios:

Group of employeesGDPR (2020)*
All employees5.6%
Employees in production area (non management positions)12.0%
Employees in areas other than production (non management positions)20.4%
Middle and top management1.6%


*GPGR – (Gender Pay Gap Ratio) – percentage difference between an average remuneration (incl. bonuses and other allowances) of women and men. The ratios don’t include remunerations of the Management Board.

GPGR is calculated in percent, as the absolute value of the difference between the quotient of the average remuneration of women employees divided by the average remuneration of men employees and figure 1.

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