Is the business of CIECH S.A. characterized by seasonality?

The seasonality phenomena connected with fluctuations in demand and supply are of little importance for the shaping of the general sales trends of the CIECH Group. Products characterized by noticeable seasonality are plant protection products. The majority of plant protection products is used in the first half of the year, during a period of strong growth of plants, where approximately 90% of total sales of those products takes place.

Moreover, as far as the soda segment is concerned, there is a seasonal connection between the level of sale of certain products and the severity of winter. In the case of calcium chloride and other products (Anti-Ice, salt-chloride mixture, salt waste), warm winter translates directly to a drop in sales, but in the event of salt, this has an indirect effect. As far as other products are concerned, the level of revenues and financial results of the Group during the financial year is not subject to any significant seasonal fluctuations. Due to that reason, the influence of seasonality on the value of total sales of the Group is relatively small.

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