What are the main assumptions of the CIECH S.A. strategy?

The main objective of CIECH S.A. is maximization of the goodwill of the company, with concentration on the soda and organic segment. Moreover, the strategic goals of the CIECH group cover:

  • growth of revenues in the soda segment;
  • twofold increase of the share in the Polish market of plant protection products;
  • growth of adjusted EBITDA;
  • growth of the Company’s goodwill. 

The strategy of the CIECH Group anticipates a stable and organic development of the organization by development of the production capacity and continued operative development of the company, with simultaneous continuation of activities whose aim is to reduce operating costs. Detailed information about the strategy of the Group may be found at http://ciechgroup.com/en/relacje-inwestorskie/o-ciech/biznes-i-strategia/.

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