The main products of the CIECH Group are: soda ash, baking soda, salt, calcium chloride, plant protection products, glass products, silicates, and other chemicals. They are applied, among others, in the following branches of industry: glazing, food, furniture, as well as for production of detergents, in agriculture and in construction.

The activity of the CIECH Group is based on a wide portfolio of clients, including both global chemical concerns and smaller recipients from Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. The CIECH Group operates within six business lines (Soda, Salt, Agro, Foams, Silicates, Packaging).

The CIECH Group has a strong position in many product markets and is:

  • the largest producer of soda ash in Central and Eastern Europe and the second European producer, and the second producer of baking soda in Europe (maintaining high cost competitiveness for many years);
  • the largest Polish producer of evaporated salt, plant protection products, and glass lanterns;
  • an important supplier to European markets of calcium chloride, epoxy resins and sodium silicates.

The CIECH Group operates in five internally diversified segments:

  • Soda;
  • Agro;
  • Foams;
  • Silicates;
  • Packaging.
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