Organic segment

The organic segment is the second largest pillar of the business activity of the CIECH Group. In 2019, it generated 11% of adjusted EBITDA (adjusted for one-off events). Products falling within this segment are manufactured by the following two companies: CIECH Sarzyna S.A. (crop protection products and resins) and CIECH Pianki Sp. z o.o. (polyurethane foams). Additionally, the agro business includes the Proplan Plant Protection Company, a supplier of crop protection products. 

The CIECH Group is the largest domestic producer of crop protection chemicals and the leader in the market of herbicides. It is also the main domestic manufacturer of resins which are present in European markets, and one of the largest suppliers of polyurethane (PUR) foams to the domestic market.

In the plastics area (resins), CIECH Sarzyna S.A. is optimising the current product portfolio and selectively developing new, high-margin specialist products used in the transport, construction and consumer goods segments.


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