Glass products

Glass products manufactured by CIECH Vitrosilicon are intended for niche markets: decorative lanterns are used to manufacture vigil lights; COMFORT-type jars with clamp lids and – in small volumes – twist-off jars are to be used for food products.


Vigil lights are the products used mainly in Poland and in some Central European countries. Consequently, activity of the CIECH Group in this respect is focused on the domestic market. The demand for vigil lights is related to the tradition of visiting cemeteries, and sales are performed mainly around 1 November every year. Supplies of lanterns used in the production of vigil lights are delivered earlier, mainly in the second and third quarter of a year.

In Poland, there are only few producers of decorative lanterns (glass-works). At the same time, complete vigil lights are man-ufactured by about 300 companies that usually buy lanterns directly from producers. Major producers of decorative lanterns are: CIECH Vitrosilicon S.A. in Iłowa and HS Sława S.P. in Kielce.

The domestic market of decorative lanterns is estimated at about 200 million pieces per year. The CIECH Group, through CIECH Vitrosilicon S.A. has been without any doubt a leader of this market for many years. Key advantages of the leader include: production potential and a wide and differentiated product range.

The market for glass lanterns is very mature and no increase in demand is expected.


CIECH Vitrosilicon specialises in the manufacture of COMFORT-type jars with glass lids and fastening clasps, used on niche markets (for storage of bulk products and products that do not require pasteurisation). The CIECH Group is the only producer of such jars, and sales are targeted at the domestic market and to foreign markets (approx. 15%). Competitive products on the Polish market are imported from Germany, China and Italy. The domestic market of Comfort-type jars is estimated by the CIECH Group at about 3.2 million pieces per year. The Group with a share of more than 20% is the third supplier on this market.

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