The CIECH Group manufactures sodium and potassium silicates. Both types of silicates are produced in two forms – solid (glassy sodium and potassium silicate) and liquid (sodium water glass and potassium water glass). Sodium silicates are used for production of precipitated silica (about 40% of consumption in Europe, used mainly in the tire and beauty product industries), detergents (about 20%), paper, zeolites and in other industries. In developing countries, applications related to production of detergents dominates, and the total consumption of these silica is proportional to the number of citi-zens.

In 2016, CIECH Vitrosilicon S.A. extended the production capacity of sodium silicate. This project included the replacement of a worn out glass furnace with a modern end-fired glass furnace with approx. two times higher efficiency. It is currently one of the most state-of-the-art glassy sodium silicate production furnaces in Europe. This new furnace ensures two times higher efficiency and lower production costs. Potassium silicates are used in the production of welding electrodes, construction chemicals, including paints and silicate plaster.

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