Soda segment

Soda is one of the basic semi-finished products (raw materi-als) of modern chemistry that finds wide application in the industry.

The Soda segment is an area with the largest share in the Group’s financial performance. In 2019, it accounted for nearly 87% of adjusted EBITDA (adjusted by one-off events). 

The CIECH Group is focused on expanding its business potential and creating competitive advantages which result from, among other aspects, the Group’s strong position on key markets and relations with customers, increase in production capacity, wide range of soda products, extension of the sodium bicarbonate portfolio and optimal distribution of production plants.

The production of soda in the CIECH Group is the responsibility of the following three companies: CIECH Soda Polska S.A. (plants in Janikowo and Inowrocław), CIECH Soda Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG (Stassfurt) and CIECH Soda Romania S.A. (Ramnicu Valcea – production suspended in September 2019). Sodium carbonate is produced in all plants and sodium bicarbonate – in Inowrocław and Stassfurt.

The soda segment is intensely developed by the Group. In 2015 and 2016, a projects were carried out to develop high-margin product range. In 2019, the Group implemented a project to increase production capacity for the production of Sodium bicarbonate at a plant in Germany.

Further development of activities in the soda segment will take place mainly through continuation of optimisation activities with regard to production capacity, as well as the growth of product quality and concentration on more processed products. For this purpose, one of the key investments of the CIECH Group was launched in Germany. The launch of a new production line for sodium bicarbonate has allowed the CIECH portfolio to be expanded, among others for sodium bicarbonate for dialysis - the most specialized variety of this product, used, among others for the treatment of kidney diseases.

The soda segment of the CIECH Group also includes salt production. In 2021 - thanks to the launch of a new salt works in Germany - the CIECH Group will become one of the largest salt producers in Europe. In recent years, CIECH has been intensively developing its salt business. As a result of these operations, the Group introduced, among others, its offer of salt tablets, and consequently, entered into a very attractive market for water treatment products. CIECH Group is currently the water treatment market leader in Poland and Scandinavian countries. In addition, in 2019 an investment was completed at the Janikowo plant as a result of which the Group's offer included further salt products, e.g. salt tablets used for water treatment, or salt granules as a water softener used in dishwashers. CIECH Group also offers food-grade salt, available in the largest store chains for retail customers, and has recently also began to distribute Himalayan and marine salt.


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