Salt products of the CIECH Group

Wet salt

Industrial salt

one of the components used in the manufacture of detergents, washing powders and dyes. The product finds widespread use in electrolysis and the production of soda.

Dry salt

Table salt and iodised table salt

produced from the saline solutions generated by the wet mining of natural rock salt beds. Table salt contains a minimum of 99.9% of sodium chloride and finds widespread use in the food industry. The CIECH Group sells slat primarily in 1 kg bags, under the brand name of Sól Kujawska and under private label brands of discounts and retail chains, as well as in larger bags, e.g. for spice manufacturers or bakeries.

Salt tablets

used in water purification systems, e.g. to regenerate ion exchangers and multi-functional filter softeners that filter out water hardness contributors (i.e. calcium and magnesium). The key recipients of salt tablets produced by the CIECH Group include: households (private water purification systems), housing associations (water purification for new residential estates), industry (water purification for factories), as well as by such entities as swimming pools or hospitals. The CIECH Group sells salt tabletes in Poland (where it holds a majority share of the market) and abroad.

Feed salt

used in agriculture and for production of animal feeds which, owing to the salt content, perfectly supplement the diet of livestock, especially ruminants, with minerals. It is also used in emergency feeding of forest animals since it improves assimilation of potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Pickling salt

nitrite salt (for pickling) is an essential additive used in the production of raw and cured meats. Pickling is one of the oldest forms of food preservation – preservation using salt.

At present, the CIECH Group is focused on expanding the range of specialised products in the dry salt portfolio, developing new products and new sales directions.

Owing to the implementation of the investment project aimed at intensification of dry salt production in Janikowo in 2015, the Group is able to produce a majority of volumes in the form of dry salt.


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