Corporate Social Responsibility

All companies from the CIECH Group, regardless of their location and scope of operation, comply with all domestic and European legal provisions applicable to their businesses and with international standards covered, for instance, by the UN “Global compact”, initiative principles, the “UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and the “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of the International Work Organization” of 1998.

The Company ensures that, according to the sustainable development idea, the economic, social and environmental arguments are treated in an equal way and constitute a strategic element of the business strategy of the CIECH Group which follows the best practices in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, taking care of the sustainable development, with particular emphasis on areas such as: 

  • relationships with employees
  • environmental protection
  • combating corruption

Those rules are covered by the Code of Ethics of the CIECH Group which describes in detail the standards of conduct of the Group and its Employees in individual areas of operation. The Code of Ethics of the CIECH Group is available at the following website: www:

Our actions are supported by the implemented management systems procedures based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 standards, and by numerous internal regulations.

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Natural Environment

Our consideration toward the environment is reflected in our wide range of pro-ecological investments, the purpose of which is the effective use of raw materials and energy, reduction of pollutants, reasonable waste management as well as the application of solutions improving the safety of technological installations.

Ecology management system

  • Monitoring mandatory and planned legal regulations
  • Identification of risk and environmental hazard factors
  • Building the ecological database of the CIECH Group
  • Implementing solutions in the field of environmental protection


Companies within the CIECH Group operate in accordance with all applicable national and international laws. All the applied technical, ecological and organisational solutions meet the requirements concerning environmental protection. 

The key decisions regulating the use of the environment

  • Integrated permit
  • Permit required by the Water Law Act
  • Decisions concerning waste disposal
  • Integrated permit for an IPPC installation, valid for 10 years

One of the key aspects considering environment is improving CO2 efficiency. CIECH implements a number of initiatives among others: ESPRO and ENRECO programm.

Look at the presentation „Improving CO2 efficiency in CIECH Group”

Human rights and employees’ rights

We categorically observe the rules of respect of human rights – both within our organization and among our business partners and the market environment.

  • We implement and communicate to our clients the clearly-defined, transparent disciplinary procedures.
  • We comply with all the binding regulations concerning working time, overtime, remuneration and other benefits offered by the employer. Salaries are paid on time, according to the binding “Regulations of Remuneration”.
  • We offer our employees freedom to join or resign from trade unions and/or employee representation organizations, at their choice.


  • We value the diversified, integrative working environment, we do not discriminate and do not tolerate any discrimination because of sex, age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, origin or other aspects protected by law.
  • We do not apply any type of compulsory work. Our employees have control over their identity documents, they do not make any payments connected with the obtainment and maintenance of employment.
  • Any forms of physical and/or mental compulsion, including mobbing, are prohibited.
  • We do not employ children and juvenile workers aged under 18.


Business Ethics

In our business activity, we act honestly and transparently, being a responsible market player and a good partner for our clients and suppliers.

  • We keep financial documentation and statements according to the international provisions and regulations. We public current and periodic reports on our activity according to the binding “Regulations of fulfilment of the information duties within the CIECH Capital Group”.
  • Ion our commercial activity, we act according to the binding commercial and import regulations, imposing sanctions and embargoes in our activity.


  • We comply with all domestic and international anti-corruption laws, provisions and standards. We do not offer and we do not accept any valuable items in order to illegally influence the official acts or in order to guarantee ourselves undue advantage which would lead to the conclusion or maintenance of business transactions.
  • We comply with all the binding provisions and regulations combating money laundering.
  • We comply with all the binding free competition and anti-trust provisions.
  • We operate in a transparent manner, avoiding situations which give rise to a conflict of interests with our clients and suppliers.


Occupational Safety and Hygiene

Our goal is to create a working environment which is safe, which contributes to protection of health and prevention of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.

  • We implement the highest standards of occupational safety and hygiene, relevant for a given type of operations, applying the binding OSH provisions.
  • Through regular risk assessment at the working place, we implement the relevant risk control and remedy measures.
  • We systematically improve the safety of the working environment by training employees in occupational safety and hygiene.


Social Commitment

We try to be a good neighbour and to support local initiatives in the communities in which we operate through co-operation in organization of sports and cultural events and implementation of educational programmes in the field o environmental protection. We undertake ventures of a charitable and volunteering character, offering opportunities to our employees to actively participate in them.

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