CIECH Group Strategy

CIECH Group Strategy for 2022-2024

We build future-proof and modern chemical holding, that generates value for its stakeholders.

The strategy for 2022-2024 is the continuation of building a modern and competitive chemical group with a global reach. The foundations developed in recent years allow us to further increase efficiency, strengthen the organizational culture, increase the innovations in the Group's activities, as well as maximize the effect of potential acquisitions. Despite the challenges that we identified in the latest strategy, our goal is to constantly generate dividends for shareholders, regardless of whether we develop organically or through M&A.

Dawid Jakubowicz, CEO of CIECH S.A.

Vision & ambition

Build future-proof business

Resilient SODA business

SALT ramp up

AGRO on growth trajectory

Leap forward with smart M&A


Develop as a modern chemical company

Strengthen health and safety as a core corporate value

Performance based, engaging modern corporate culture

Innovations paving the way to the future


Optimize value for stakeholders

Assured Client satisfaction

Accelerated ESG transformation

Optimized cashflow and shareholder's value creation


Build future-proof business

Develop as a modern chemical company

Optimize value for stakeholders

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