CIECH on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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CIECH, as the first Polish company, is listed at the same time on two floors - in Warsaw and on the Europe’s third largest stock exchange – Börse Frankfurt. At the same time, it still remains under the full supervision of the Financial Supervision Commission and it is fully subject to the Polish legislation, and all the shares are still deposited in the Polish Depository of Securities.

The decision of the Management Board of the company is another step in the implementation of a strategy of expansion of the leading Polish chemical company in international markets.

Information about securities which are listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Ticker: CHX

Amount of shares: 52.699.909

Market: General Standard sub-segment

What dual listing means for CIECH?

Being the largest soda producer in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the leading producer of plant protection chemicals, resins, PUR foams, silicates and glass, CIECH has ambitions to strengthen its position in international markets. Début in one o the most important stock exchanges in the world – the third largest stock exchange in Europie and the largest stock exchange in Germany as far as capitalization is concerned - mean joining a group of the largest European companies from the chemical sector – such as BASF and K+S.  The choice of the Frankfurt stock exchange is also justified by the fact of conducting by the CIECH Group of a business activity in Germany – this is where one of its subsidiaries is located: CIECH Soda Deutschland.

The admission of the CIECH shares to listing in the General Standard segment, being a sub-segment of the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange improves the recognition and reliability of the company among its business partners and global financial institutions.

What dual listing means for investors?

The shares of CIECH are listed at the regulated market of the Stock Exchange in Warsaw and in Frankfurt. Therefore, the shareholders have a higher possibility of choosing where their CIECH shares are listed. It gives investors greater freedom in making transactions and increase a possibility of diversification of their portfolios.

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