Biodegradable, environment-friendly substance manufactured in controlled conditions from sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide. It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, food and feed industries, as well as in the production of detergents (as an ingredient of washing powders and a substance dissolving fats, decreasing water hardness, delicately, yet efficiently removing dirt, but also as an additive in agents used to refresh and clean furniture, carpets and baths). Sodium bicarbonate eliminates unpleasant smells in refrigerators, dishwashers and dustbins. It is also used in fire extinguisher powder, the glass-making industry, as well as in pulp and paper production. It is manufactured in forms ranging from fine powder to medium, and even large granules. The combined production capacity of the CIECH Group in this category amounts to 200 thousand tons.

Sobic Health Care

Sobic Health Care is a product used in the growing environment of kidney dialysis and other serious care treatments. It is namely used as a bufferingagent, providing bicarbonate ions to balance the pH during blood purification. The CIECH group is a manufacturer of high purity bicarbonate which complies to the latest European Pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopoeia (quality for use in hemodialysis). The Health Care segment consists of two major applications:

Sobic For Pharmacy

Our Bicarbonate can be used as an excipient in pharmaceutical preparations, pH buffer, and additive in cosmetics. It may also be used as an ingredient in dietary supplements, effervescent tablets and a wide variety of wellness products like bath balls. Sobic for Pharmaceutical lowers metabolic acidosis, softens the skin, ensures the removal of the dead epidermis layer without skin irritation and can also be used as an additive in whitening toothpastes.

Sobic HD

Sobic HD is a special purified bicarbonate grade with specific granulometry parameters for use in hemodialysis treatments. Sobic HD is used to provide electrolytes and for stabilizing pH value. With our product range we are able to supply bicarbonate suitable for both applications; solution preparation and as a coarse grade for use in cartridges.

Sobic Food

Sobic Food has varied applications in the food industry, for example, as a raising agent and in baking powder, neutralizing tomato acidity, maintaining turgidity in fruits and vegetables, eliminating the strong flavour of venison and preventing syrup crystallization. It is also used as an odour absorber and an additive in sparkling beverages. Ongoing production control and the implementation of the HACCP system guarantees the high quality that is required in the food industry. The substance contains no genetically modified organisms, constituents of animal origin or allergens. Ionizing radiation is not used in its production.

Sobic Feed

A mineral substance providing an additional source of sodium in feed used both by feed manufacturers and private farmers. Works as a product acidity regulator. Used for dairy cattle, poultry and pig farming. Contains no genetically modified organisms, constituents of animal origin or allergens. Ionizing radiation is not used in its production.

Sobic Tec

This product is used as an additive in washing powders, a fire extinguisher ingredient, as well as in paper production, in the leather industry and petroleum extraction. It is also used as a building facade cleaning agent.


The eco-friendly sorbent for dry desulphurisation of flue gases with high absorbing capacity. Obtained chemically from sodium carbonate or sodium chloride and carbon dioxide. Sorbeco ensures the high efficiency of the desulphurization process at lower costs combined with a reduced energy and water consumption compared to wet and semi-dry methods. Our Sorbent reduces the amount of waste, the environmental footprint of installations and protects them from corrosion, simplifies waste transportation and storage, guarantees dry finished product and no effluents, plus it reduces HCl and SO2 emissions into the air.


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