Tender procedures

Dear Supplier/Dear Bidder,
If you are interested in participating in the procedures operated by the Ciech Group on the SAP Ariba purchasing platform, we would like you to take the actions listed below. Items 1-3 apply only to suppliers who have not yet registered on the Ciech Group SAP Ariba Purchasing Platform.

  1. To be added to the Ciech Group's supplier database, fill in the registration form. After it is approved by the Administrator, you will receive a message with the subject “Register on the CIECH Group Purchasing Platform”, which will contain a link to the registration page of the Ariba Network, a global SAP-Ariba-supplier database. Access to the Ariba Network is necessary to complete the registration process. Registration with the Ariba Network is free of charge for suppliers.

  2. Click on the link in the email message received, and then create an account, or, if you already have an account, log onto the Ariba Network

  3. After registering or logging onto the Ariba Network, the registration form necessary to register on the Ciech Group's supplier database will be displayed automatically. Please fill it in carefully and then send for acceptance.

  4. After completing the aforementioned steps, send an email to, with a request to be added to the selected procedure. This message should include the following information.

      Subject: The ARIBA Procedure

    1. Your supplier number on the Ariba Network (sample number: AN11111111111),

    2. The name of the procedure in which you want to participate,

    3. The number of the electronic event applicable to the procedure (given in the details of a procurement notice).

Should you have any doubts, please contact us on, and put in the subject of your message “ARIBA”

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List of procedures

Clean up

CSP_2023_09_01866_projekt układ chłodzenia TG3

Deadline for submitting bids: 25.10.2023 14:00
Status: In progress


Wykonanie stacji uzdatniania wody - Iłowa

Deadline for submitting bids: 29.04.2024 12:00
Status: In progress | Updated: 24.04.2023 13:56


Procedures published on the existing CIECH Group Purchasing Platform (LoginTrade) can be found at the address below. We would like to point out that after the end of the transition period, new purchasing procedures of the CIECH Group will only be included in the SAP Ariba Purchasing Platform.
In order to contact the CIECH Group Purchasing Department, please send a message to the following address:

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