CIECH Group supports tennis match for the Polish women's team in Inowrocław

The CIECH Group is supporting the organization of the Polish-Taiwan match, which will be played on 16-17 April in Inowrocław. This meeting will decide who will have a slot in World Group II for next year's Federation Cup, which is the women's tennis team world championship. The group focuses on supporting the most important events at the locations where it conducts its economic activities.

"Inowrocław is a splendid city whose residents deserve to find themselves at the centre of sporting events at the highest, global level. I am pleased that, as CIECH Group, we could contribute to this. For years we have performed a key role in the local economy, not only by employing over 1000 people in our plants but also by directly affecting the condition of over 60 different companies in the region. Now we can also add our input into the city's cultural and sporting life on top of this; we are proud to support an event involving the Polish tennis team," said Jarosław Czerwiński, President of the Board of CIECH Soda Polska.

The Federation Cup is the world championship for women's tennis teams. This event has more than 50 years of tradition and a breathtaking history, bringing half a million spectators to the stands each year. Great sporting excitement will accompany Poland's meeting with Taiwan – a place where next year's World Group II is at stake. Fans can also expect an inimitable atmosphere on the stands of the OSiR hall in Inowrocław, not only thanks to the heated rivalry between the two national teams but also the numerous attractions – including campaigns promoting tennis as well as autograph sessions.

CIECH Soda Polska is one of the largest and most important enterprises in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship. The company is the only manufacturer in Poland of dense soda ash and extra light soda, and the second largest in Europe. It also manufactures wet and dry evaporated salt.

On the consumer market the company is the largest manufacturer for this range of products, and is also a manufacturer of table salt known under the valued brand: Sól Kujawska. The company's portfolio also includes other chemical products – baking soda, calcium chloride, hopcalite, salt mixtures, pickling salt and salt tablets.

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CIECH - 70 years on global markets

CIECH is a leader on the Polish chemicals market and one of the largest Polish companies with an international reach. This Group is managed in a modern and competitive manner. It consists of eight production facilities as well as trading and service-providing companies. The company was founded in Łódź in 1945.

CIECH Group offers chemical products of the highest quality: soda ash (second place in Europe), baking soda, salt, polyester and epoxide resins, AGRO and glass products as well as other chemicals. They have applications in the following industries: glass-making, food, furniture, detergent production, agriculture and construction.

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