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ZIEMOVIT – a new line of products for growing and maintenance of orchards in the offer of CIECH Sarzyna - launches its YouTube tutorial channel. In each episode of the programme entitled “Niech żyje ogród” [“Long Live the Garden”], the most popular Polish horticultural blogger - Ogrodnik Tomek [Tomek the Gardener] - will present many valuable tips to viewers concerning planting, fertilization, maintenance and protection of your own piece of greenery by your house. The first episode is devoted to methods facilitating the establishment and maintenance of an ideal lawn.

The “Niech żyje ogród” [“Long Live the Garden”] series was established for lovers of nature who look for professional advice on the web concerning maintenance and arrangement of green spaces. The premiere episode of the series, “W świecie ogrodów” [“In the World of Gardens”], devoted to well-tested methods of lawn maintenance, was broadcast on 20 April on the ZIEMOVIT channel available on the YouTube service. 

The first episode is addressed to all those who, after the winter, want their grass to be thick and green in a few weeks’ time. “I will explain during the programme what verticulation and aeration mean, and what the purpose of lawn sanding and rolling is. You are welcome to watch the programme and post your comments!” said Tomasz Kok, the author of the most popular Polish horticulture blog, Ogrodnik Tomek [Tomek the Gardener].

In next episodes, Ogrodnik Tomek [Tomek the Gardener] will explain to viewers the rules of growing vegetables and hints on how to make sure that the crops from the vegetable garden are healthy and abundant. He will reveal secrets of fertilization of flower beds, and will explain what the most important elements of the process of maintenance of both tree and decorative trees and bushes. The programme will also present materials devoted to well-tested methods of an effective fight with weeds.

Advice concerning maintenance and arrangement of green areas is also available on the ZIEMOVIT fanpage on Facebook - “Niech żyje garden” [“Long Live the Garden”], and at the website:

The offer of ZIEMOVIT covers a wide selection of the highest quality plant protection chemicals, surfaces, as well as liquid and granulated fertilizers, adapted to the needs and expectations of all users.

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